How to Become an Auto Body Mechanic Using These Resources

A Collection of Articles for Becoming an Auto Body Mechanic

In this post you’ll find articles, tips, and resources related to a career as an auto body mechanic, but first, a few brief points to consider.

If you enjoy working on cars, painting, and working with metal, then a career as an auto body mechanic may be right for you.

There is always work in auto body repair. People have fender benders, accidents, or may need a new paint job.

Some issues you need to consider is the workplace is dusty because of the sanding of auto body filler, and paint surfaces. You’ll also encounter smells from chemicals such as thinners, fresh paint, and resin.

In this field, you are always learning, because of new technology. Vehicles are getting harder and harder to work on. We can see this as a negative or a positive. When vehicles are harder to work on only specialists will deal with the repairs. If you become a specialist you become more valuable to employers.

If you’re in a populated area, you’ll always find work in this field and you’ll be paid well.

Have a look at the resources I’ve included in this post to give you an overview of what it’s like to have a career in auto body repair.


How to Become an Auto Body Mechanic

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Schools and Certification

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Auto Body Repair Technician Salary

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Job Opportunities

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