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You can think of an auto broker as an automotive specialist that deals in purchasing vehicles, vehicle knowledge, experts in negotiating the final price and more.

Think of a car broker as your negotiator and expert that’s working for you.

See the abundance of resources I have chosen for this page dedicated to becoming an Auto Broker.

Difference Between an Auto Broker & a Dealer –

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What To Know Before Becoming An Auto Broker

Take it from someone that has experience as an auto broker. If I was thinking of a career I would talk to everyone I could find that was in the business in order to get a real idea of what’s involved in this type of career.

Confessions of a failed car broker –

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A Day in the Life of An Auto Broker

A day in the life will give you an overview of what it’s like as an auto broker. Have a look at the video below.

Auto Broker Salary

Have a look at the article below for an overview of the salary for an auto broker. You’ll see the different salaries for different areas as well as the overall average salary for an auto broker.

Auto Broker Annual Salary ($87,366 Avg | Dec 2018) – ZipRecruiter

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Auto Broker Resume Tips

Before creating your resume have a look at the article below that will give you the tips you need to create a decent resume.

Auto Broker Resume Example (Auto Broker And Consultant Services) – North Attleboro, Massachusetts

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Steps To Becoming An Auto Broker

There are many considerations to becoming an auto broker. Below is a list of articles I selected for becoming an auto broker.

Have a look at each article because each has its own information to offer including the steps you need to take, licensing, education requirements as well as tips you’ll need to get into this career choice.

How to Become an Auto Broker: Education and Career Roadmap

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How to Become an Auto Broker | Career Trend

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How To Become An Auto Broker – Becoming An Auto Broker

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Auto Broker Courses

Although there isn’t an abundance of courses for becoming an auto broker I have listed the ones I found interesting. Have a look at what these courses have in store for you.

How to Become an Auto Broker Online Course | Fast Sales Training Center Online Courses

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How To Become an Auto Broker: Auto Broker Training

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Auto Brokers Tools

Auto Broker Sales Leads | Automotive Lead Generation Software

Have a look at this site that offers a system for lead generation and gain local market share. It offers techniques used by many car sales professional car sales personnel. View this Page At

Glossary and Terms Related to Auto Broker

Car Dealership Dictionary of Automobile Dealer Terminology

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Auto Broker Blogs To Follow

Top 40 Car Sales Blogs & Websites in 2018 | Automotive Marketing Blogs

Feedspot offers a list of sites related to car sales. Go through the list and choose the blogs that appeal to you.

Having a list like this will help you stay up-to-date with the latest in the car sales industry View This Page At

Job Preparation

Job Preparation Tips

See our page that will help you prepare for resume and get ready for your job interview

Auto Broker Job Opportunities At:

Self Employment Ideas Related to Auto Broker Jobs:

Become A Blogger And Cover Topics Related To Auto Brokers – See Our Page On How To Become A Professional Blogger

Provide Consulting Services Related To Auto Brokers  – See Our Page On How To Become A Consultant

Become An Instructional Designer and provide educational courses That can Benefit an Auto Broker  – See Our Page On Becoming An Instructional Designer

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