Here Are the Resources Needed to Become a Bartender

A Collection of Articles You’ll Use to Become a Bartender

Included in this post, I have chosen articles and resources to give you insights for becoming a bartender, but first, a few brief points to consider.

A career in bartending may be the right choice for you. If you like a fast-paced environment, you love to socialize with people, enjoy parties, and the nightlife, then you have the right characteristics for this career.

Bartending requires a good memory, you need to know how to create a large variety of drinks. When you’re busy, you may have several orders at once and you need to keep track of who ordered what.

You’ll also need good listening skills, especially when the music is blaring understanding what people are saying can be difficult.

At times you’ll have to deal with someone that is drunk, rowdy, and bothering other people and that can be a challenging part of your job and the part you won’t like.

You can also run into problems when you need to cut someone off because they have had too much to drink. Then you have those that want to be your best friend. Sure it’s nice to mingle with regulars, but you don’t want to be a crutch for everyone that comes in the bar.


As with any career, there are pros and cons of being a bartender. Have a look at the collection of resources I have picked for this post and organized in sections for your convenience.

How to Become a Bartender

How to Become a Bartender With No Previous Experience

How to Become a Bartender

Everything You Need to Know to Be a Bartender – Tips for Bartenders – Thrillist

How to Become a Professional Bartender – No Experience Required

How To Get a Bartending License in 3 Simple Steps

Job Overview

Bartender Career Profile | Job Description, Salary, and Growth | Truity

What does a Bartender do?

Bartender job description: what does it entail?

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of … a Las Vegas bartender – Las Vegas Review-Journal

A Day in the Life of a Bartender | ABC Training Center

My life as a bartender

Pros and Cons

Confessions of a Bartender: A Job to Love and Hate in Equal Measure – AOL Finance

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Certified Bartender at 18

Pros and Cons of Bartending vs. Serving – BOTY App


Know your bartender: Interviews with Chicago’s best bartenders

An Interview with Bartender, Jason Loyd Murphy |


Top Most Important Skills for a Bartender

How to Become a Bartender: 8 Skills You Need – Supercall

Four Skills Needed to Be a Bartender | Bizfluent


Bartender Salary Information | US News Best Jobs

Character Traits

Qualities Of A Strong Bartender

Top 9 Skills and Qualities of a Bartender

What Makes a Good Bartender? | First We Feast


Bartender: Salary, Duties, Outlook and Requirements


DrinkMaster Bartending School – Bartending School Boston

The Truth About Bartending School | Fox Business

Bartending School | Professional Bartending School

Trends and Statistics

Bartenders | Data USA

Bartenders: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Tips and Insights

Bartending Tips: How the Pros Earn $400+ A Night In Tips

10 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

14 Tips and Tricks from Masters of Mixology | Cheers!


Top 50 Bartender Blogs & Websites for Bartenders in 2018 | Bar Blogs

30 Bartending Blogs You Should be Reading – Crafty Bartending

The Best Cocktail Blogs and Websites of 2018 – Advanced Mixology

Famous Bartenders

7 Famous Bartenders You Need to Follow on Instagram – Supercall

The 9 Most Important Bartenders In History

10 Famous Bartenders Who Shaped Cocktail History

TV Shows

World’s best bartender TV show launches

Challenge: Bartender Battle | Food Network Challenge | Food Network

On the Rocks: The Search for America’s Top Bartender – Bar Business Magazine

Job Opportunities

LinkedIn .com

The Latest About Bartending Jobs


Latest Searches For Bartending Jobs


Latest News About Bartending Jobs


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