Use These Tips and Insights to Become a Computer Programmer

A Collection of Articles About Becoming a Computer Programmer

In this post, I have included a collection of articles I found interesting and useful, to give you an overview of what is needed to become a computer programmer, but first, a few brief points to consider.

In my earlier years, I enjoyed programming computers. It was a thrill for me to control how a computer operated. I learned on my own and enjoyed it very much. As a programmer you change the way you think and how you approach problems.

When I was programming, people would ask me for custom programs. I would jump at the chance to create programs according to their specification and I would add bonus modules and functions for them. I was very successful at it.

These days I don’t program much anymore. If I need something major programmed, I’ll outsource it. What got me out of programming was the fact that I felt I was in prison because of the support.

You can create a program today but you’re still responsible for it 10 years later, and the day I decided to relocate, I felt like I was in prison and couldn’t leave these people stranded. Back in those days, there wasn’t anything called remote access. So I gave all my clients the source codes and did what I could to keep them going before I got out of the business of programming.

If you’re considering a career as a programmer you may or may not run into this issue of ongoing support. This may appeal to you and you can charge for it, plus you can log in remotely if needed, and that makes your job a lot easier.

Another issue to consider is when an operating system changes you might have to update your code. If your code is a few years old, it’ll be difficult to go through it because as a programmer you get better at coding with experience.

If you go back a few years to something you coded, you might ask yourself, “Why did I write this code like this, it would have been better to do it this way,” and you end up rewriting a lot of your code. Even if your code is well documented, it’s still challenging updating old code.

Other than the two issues above, it’s a great job. Have a look at the resources I’ve included in this post that will give you a strong overview of what to expect from a career in computer programming.


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