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As a cybersecurity consultant, you will always be busy because new threats are always on the rise. Cybercriminals are always looking for and creating new techniques to infiltrate computers.

You need to keep up with these threats and try and stay ahead of the game. You will deal with users that aren’t computer savvy and don’t protect their accounts. Many people won’t think twice about clicking on a phishing link because they don’t know enough about cybersecurity.

Some of your duties may include the following:

  • Identify possible security threats
  • Decide on the best security measures for your client
  • Establish security policies and protocols
  • Educate the team on cybersecurity
  • Performing risk assessment tests
  • Analyzing possible breaches
  • Create reports of the current situation and future enhancements
  • Research the latest security standards
  • Plan for breaches and emergency situation
  • More In the Resources to Follow

With any career, you’re considering it’s a good idea to shadow someone in the field to gain a strong understanding of what to expect. If you can find a security consultant to shadow for a few days or weeks you’ll get an inside look at what to expect from this type of career before you invest your time and money to get your certification.

This way you’ll know if you like this type of work before getting into it. If you can’t find someone to shadow then an interview will also shed some light on what you can expect. Before interviewing someone make a list of questions you would like answered so that you get the most out of the interview and use your time wisely.

With any type of career, you’ll do much better if your in a field you’re interested in and enjoy. Follow your passion to make the right career choice.

This post contains an abundant amount of resources to give you an overview of what’s needed and what it’s like to become a cybersecurity consultant. Spend some time on the resources that will give you the answers you’re looking for.


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