How To Become A Tax Accountant With This Set of Tips

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A Collection of Resources About Becoming A Tax Accountant

Below you’ll find a collection of hand-picked resources I have selected for this post, but first, a few brief points to consider.

If you’re interested in business, are good with numbers and strategic planning, then a career as a tax accountant is an option for you.

As a tax accountant, you’ll be working with businesses, organizations, and individuals to prepare federal, state, and local taxes. You’ll be offering advice for legal tax strategies to maximize savings and keep clients up to date with changes in tax laws.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in accounting and pass your CPA exam.

This is a high-paying job in the upper 60k range depending on location and demand, in your area. It’s also promising to see an increase in overall demand for this profession. More about this job in the resources below.

One thing you want to consider when looking into a career is, you want to make sure you have an interest in the career you are considering. You want to get into a line of work you enjoy, because you’ll be more successful and will excel. You don’t want to get into a career just for the money.

It would be a shame to invest in an a lot of money and months of schooling to get your degree only to find this isn’t the right career choice for you.

Find a tax accountant to shadow for an inside look at this career. If shadowing is not available, you may be able to interview a tax accountant which will also provide insight for this career.

See the resources below for an overview of this career.

Sections Included In This Post:

  • How To Become A Tax Accountant
  • Tax Accountant Career Overview
  • What To Know Before Becoming a Tax Accountant
  • A Day in the Life of A Tax Accountant
  • Traits of A Good Tax Accountant
  • Trends & Statistics Related To Tax Accountants
  • Salary For A Tax Accountant
  • Education – Schools and Certification
  • Getting The Job
  • Resume Tips For A Tax Accountant
  • Job Interview Questions Accountants
  • The Job Interview
  • The Job Interview
  • Accountant FAQ
  • Tools For Accountants
  • Glossary and Terms
  • Accountant Related Quotes
  • Industry Related Trade Publications
  • Accounting Blogs
  • Accountants To Follow Online
  • Famous Accountants
  • TV Shows and Movies Related To Accountants
  • Job Opportunities
  • Books Related to Tax Accountants
  • The Latest about Tax Accountants
  • Tweets Related To Tax Accountants
  • Videos Related To Tax Accountants

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How To Become A Tax Accountant

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A Day in the Life of A Tax Accountant

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Traits of A Good Tax Accountant

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Trends & Statistics Related To Tax Accountants

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Salary For A Tax Accountant

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Education – Schools and Certification

What degree do I need to be a Tax Accountant?

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Getting The Job

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Resume Tips For A Tax Accountant

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Job Interview Questions Accountants

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The Job Interview

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Accountant FAQ

In this section, you’ll find frequently asked questions related to this career. By going over the frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to identify what other people are asking that you haven’t considered.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs – Become a CPA

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Tools For Accountants

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Glossary and Terms

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Accountant Related Quotes

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Industry Related Trade Publications

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Accounting Blogs

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Accountants To Follow Online

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Famous Accountants

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TV Shows and Movies Related To Accountants

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Job Opportunities




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The Latest about Tax Accountants.

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