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If you have a passion for defending the vulnerable, have an interest in Law, then a career as a Human Rights Lawyer is a career choice worth considering. Human rights lawyers are at the forefront all over the world to tackle human violations.

They protect the rights of the weak, vulnerable, children, women, and refugees. They help to find justice for people who have suffered from great injustices and human rights violations by the government, states, and individuals.

Being a human rights lawyer would mean engaging in a lot of tasks like performing research on legal cases, bargaining on difficult settlements, and defending the innocent in court.

To be successful as a human rights lawyer, you have to be resilient. Most cases can be emotional wrecking and weakening. To pull through this, you need to be able to set your emotions to the side and focus on facts and strategies to defend your clients properly and get justice for them. Also, you should be eloquent, be able to communicate effectively in the courtroom, this helps you persuade a jury.

Before being a human rights lawyer, you’ll need to do extensive research to find a university that has an excellent reputation for records in human rights.

Getting an Undergraduate law degree is the first concrete step. During your time at the university, you’ll develop your knowledge of human rights. Also, it would help if you can engage yourself with local NGOs, and if possible offer help at refugee homes during your spare time.

There are many places to gain initial experiences before facing the real world. Students have the opportunity to participate in legal clinics. Some jurisdictions even allow students to make an appearance and also argue in court. Make the most out of these opportunities as it would enable you to gain more exposure.

Alternatively, if your university doesn’t offer these opportunities, you can apply for a paid internship. That is a great way to see firsthand the activities of human rights organizations.

After this, you should attend a law school, and obtain a Juris Doctor degree to certify the completion of your program.

For all the details related to this career, Have a look at the unique collection of resources included in this post.


How To Become A Human Rights Lawyer

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