How To Become An Insurance Appraiser – Here Are The Issues To Consider

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Daily responsibilities of an auto claims adjuster | PropertyCasualty360

As jobs in the insurance industry go, claims adjusters have a pretty important role to play.

Individuals who purchase auto insurance often look for the best price and rarely think about the claim handling aspect…More at

A Day in the Life of An Insurance Appraiser

Insurance Claims Adjuster: Typical Day

It’s 9:00AM on a Saturday morning, but weekends have no meaning for Evo Luate—as a claims adjuster, he meets with claimants when they’re available, and not when it’s convenient for him.

As of today, he hasn’t had an appointment-free weekend in seven months—a new record at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, the insurance company he works for…More at

The Life of a Claims Adjuster · CJ Hester Inc

Claims adjusting is a noble profession we should be proud of the important work we do every day.

All new adjusters must realize that what they have learned in their licensing classes to receive their adjuster’s license is not the end of the learning process…it is just the beginning…More at

Traits of A Good Insurance Appraiser

Qualities of a Good Claims Adjuster

Enduring success will require ownership of the following:

Habit 1: Communication

Insurance claims adjusters ought to possess excellent people skills. An insurance adjuster will deal with all manner of people in every frame of mind – from happy and grateful to angry and suspicious.

As representatives of insurance companies, claims adjusters are often the only point of contact between the insurer and insured. Customer service with an emphasis on cordial, patient, and professional communication should always be strived for.

Habit 2: Time Management

Wasted time and stress are twin enemies of an insurance adjuster – particularly an independent adjuster …More at

5 Qualities of Successful Insurance Adjusters | Pilot Catastrophe

In today’s world, it is impossible to succeed as an adjuster without being able to use a computer.

Whether you are submitting a claim over a wireless connection or verifying information on social media, familiarity with computers is a basic but necessary skill…More at