How To Become An Investment Banker – Here Is What You Need To Know

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Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents connect buyers and sellers in financial markets.

They sell securities to individuals, advise companies in search of investors, and conduct trades View This Page At

What To Know Before Becoming An Investment Banker

Investment Banking – How to Get an Investment Banking Job

It’s a lot more Excel spreadsheets than actual investing.

1. Investment banking doesn’t actually have much to do with investing. [In my division,] we help companies buy other companies, get loans, or raise money by selling stocks. It’s really a lot of Powerpoint and Excel work View This Page At

Things I Wish I Knew As An Analyst – Business Insider

I really like mentoring and sharing knowledge for future generations.

A lot of people have helped me along the way, and still are, and I really like WSO in general.

There are giant gold nuggets all over this site from which I have benefited so I thought it’s high time to throw one back in the pit View This Page At

8 things I wish I knew before I lost my banking job | eFinancialCareers

I used to work in ‘banking’. Before I lost my job with a top European bank two years ago, I spent 20 years trading cash equities.

I’ve worked across the cash world: algorithmic trading, client interaction, agency execution, risk manager. Twenty four months after being made redundant, I’m still looking for something else View This Page At

9 things every junior investment banker needs to know about working in private equity | eFinancialCareers

Junior investment bankers don’t go into the industry for the glory. Those days are behind us and most are posing existential queries about life, career and purpose now more than ever.

A typical investment banking analyst or associate has a few options: continue on as a career banker; join a private equity firm or a hedge fund View This Page At

A Day in the Life of An Investment Banker

A Week in the Life of an Investment Banking Analyst: Sunday & Monday

One bit of feedback I’ve received over time is that my “Day In The Life” features are among your favorites. Whether it’s my worst day or my best day, everyone’s interested in… what bankers actually do.

In the spirit of the famed investment banking lifestyle, this article kicks off a series on what’s it like to be an investment banker – for 1 week View This Page At

A day in the life of an investment banker | Investopedia

Take a look at a day in the life of an investment banker, one of the most sought-after and stressful jobs in the financial sector.

Investment banking is one of Wall Street’s most illustrious and coveted professions. It is also one of the hardest, at least in terms of hours on the job and reported stress View This Page At

A Day in the Life of an Investment Banker | Street Of Walls

A Day in the life of an investment banking: learn what a banker does throughout the day.

8:30am: Wake up and immediately check Blackberry. Generally, there will be three or four emails from MD/Director/VP who have reviewed a version of the materials sent out the night before.

After reading emails and responding (if appropriate) shower and head into office View This Page At


Is A Career As An Investment Banker The Right Choice For You?

7 Reasons investment banking is not for you | Investopedia

Are you considering to develop a career in investment banking?

Understand the nature of the profession and the important factors you have to consider before jumping into the profession View This Page At

The investment banking careers quiz | eFinancialCareers

To help clarify matters and nudge you in the right direction, we’ve scoured the careers websites of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley and extracted banks’ own statements about the ideal personalities for particular jobs View This Page At

Is a Banking Career the Right Choice for You?

A career in banking isn’t for everyone but it can be an exciting, challenging and very rewarding career option for the right people.

If you are looking for excellent career prospects with a good salary and bonuses then a banking career may be the right choice for you View This Page At

Steps To Becoming An Investment Banker

How to Become an Investment Banking Analyst |

Trying to understand how to get your foot in the door to an opportunity as an investment banking analyst?

These steps will light the way to your big break in investment banking View This Page At

How to Become an Investment Banker

When corporations and municipalities want to raise capital to fund their operation, they go to an investment bank for assistance.

An investment banker works with these entities to underwrite, or find buyers for, securities like bonds or stock to raise the capital the organization needs View This Page At

How do You Become an Investment Banker? – Master of Finance Degrees

If you are an intellectual individual and a disciplined professional who would like to build and maintain client relationships as you work in the finance industry, you may make a great investment banker View This Page At

How to Become an Investment Banker | Investopedia

The path to the top of one of the world’s most lucrative fields, investment banking begins with a topnotch education.

Find the best broker for your trading or investing need View This Page At

How To Become An Investment Banker Without A Perfect GPA

This is an insanely detailed, step-by-step guide to teach you exactly how to become an investment banker broken down by each undergraduate year

I think you all agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to become an investment banker View This Page At

How to Become an Investment Banker | Career Advice & Interview Tips | WayUp Guide

If you’re a business or finance major who is interested in investment banking, then you probably already know what investment banking is and are curious to find out how you can get your foot in the door of this exciting industry View This Page At

Qualities of A Good Investment Banker

10 personality traits needed to succeed in finance | eFinancialCareers

Your resume can check every box on and you may hit all the right notes in your cover letter, but if you don’t let have the ‘right’ personality, then you’re unlikely to get an offer.

Soft skills and personality traits are key to getting hired View This Page At

The Top 5 Skills an Investment Banker Needs | Investopedia

There are various roles in investment firms, but one of the highest profile and most sought after is investment banking.

Investment bankers facilitate transactions between two firms (like mergers or acquisitions) or between the firm and the market (think IPOs), or within a firm (helping to establish business plans View This Page At

12 habits of highly successful investment bankers | eFinancialCareers

What do investment bankers who make it to managing director have in common?

It takes a certain kind of person to get, and remain, in the senior ranks over the long-term.

According to current and former senior investment bankers, these are the habits and traits you need to adapt to succeed in the industry over the long term View This Page At

10 Qualities You Must Have For Becoming a Banker – TalentSprint

Banking professionals have to deal with tremendous pressure and numerous responsibilities.

Thus, they need to be efficient in managing multiple operations and should have attention to details at the same time View This Page At

Skill Requirements of An Investment Banker

How to acquire investment banking skills in no time – IBhacker

Everything you need to know about investment banking skills required for your application to top banks – and how to get them in no time.

You might already know this. Investment banks are looking for applicants with a diverse range of skills View This Page At

Top 3 Skills Needed for Investment Banking

Investopedia lists discipline, entrepreneurial, and relationship-builder as among top five skills for investment banking. – Top 3 Skills Needed for Investment Banking View This Page At

Investment Banker Job Duties

Securities, Commodities, or Financial Services Sales Agent Career Profile | Job Description, Salary, and Growth | Truity

Agents spend much of the day interacting with people, whether selling stock to an individual or discussing the status of a merger deal with a company executive View This Page At

Investment Banker Education – Schools and Certification

Wall Street Prep’s Certificate in Financial and Valuation Modeling is awarded upon successful completion of the Premium Package training program.

Investment banks typically recruit undergraduates and MBAs from top “target” schools (Harvard, Wharton, NYU, Princeton, etc…). Bankers are also recruited out of non-target schools but the process is less formal and structured View This Page At

Top majors for getting an investment banking job | eFinancialCareers

While most still covet target schools, almost every investment bank has said publicly that they’re interested in candidates that didn’t necessary major in finance or other traditional disciplines like economics, accounting and business administration View This Page At

Investment Banking Degrees and Certifications

While I can’t help with the meaning of life (42?), I can tell you which degrees and certifications mean something and help you break into finance – and which will not.

Why the Hate? You’re Already Biased! View This Page At

The top 50 universities for getting a front office investment banking job | eFinancialCareers

Want to get a front office investment banking job? These are the top universities for breaking in.

It’s no secret that investment banks have target schools, and that only the top students within those universities make the cut for front office jobs View This Page At

Trends/Statistics For Investment Bankers Jobs

Does investment banking have a future? – MarketWatch

Investment banks must become strong and safe enough to weather the next 20 years.

Are banks stable? Have we got the right regulatory structure?

These are fundamental questions that need to be addressed if investment banks are to become strong and safe enough to weather the next 20 years View This Page At

Job Category Trends for Banking & Finance Jobs | one search. all jobs View This Page At

Investment Banker Salary

Investment Banker Salary – You’ll Be Surprised How Much They Make

An investment banker salary is among the highest in the world. They are paid a base salary and a bonus for their compensation.

Find out how much they make. An analyst straight out of university can expect to earn over USD $100,000, but per hour it could be as low as $20-35 when working 100 hr/wk View This Page At

Investment Banker Salary

As of Aug 2018, the average pay for an Investment Banker is $96,220 annually or $22.32 /hr View This Page At

Investment Banker Resume Tips

Investment Banking Resume Template – For University Student – M & I

Sample Investment Banking Resume To Break Into Investment Banking. Includes The Structure, Text And Formatting – Just Add Your Education & Experience View This Page At

Investment Banker Resume Sample |

Going for an investment banking position? This sample resume shows how to communicate your credentials.

Sample Resume for an Investment Banker View This Page At

Investment Banker Job Interview Questions

Investment Banking Interview Questions – Tips to Pass an IB Interview

Investment banking interview questions and answers. This real form was used by a bank to hire a new analyst or associate. IB interview insights & strategies.

Questions are sorted into: bank and industry overview, employment history (resume), technical questions (finance, accounting, valuation), and behavioral View This Page At

Investment Banking Interview Questions | Street Of Walls

Trust us: we are drawing on a wealth of experience in the investment banking recruiting process on both sides of the table.

At the same time, we have provided a solid framework for how successful potential investment bankers have approached these questions.

It is your job to make each answer your own, something that is not only believable, but fits your personality View This Page At

Superday Investment Banking Interview Questions: The Process, Fit & Technical Questions

There’s nothing quite as unnatural as being locked in a room for 30 minutes with hostile bankers asking you obscure technical questions and grilling you on your background.

But if you want to land investment banking offers, interviews are a rite of passage – so here’s how to dominate them View This Page At

Top 10 Investment Banking Job Interview Questions – Job Search Digest

Private Equity, VC and Hedge Fund Jobs

An investment banking career provides great challenge, a chance to learn the ins and outs of corporate finance, and develop analytic skills that are useful in any business field View This Page At

Investment Bankers Trade Publications

What are the best magazines/newspapers for bankers to keep updated about the markets (the banking and finance industry, especially)? – Quora

My advice is to read the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times every day. Both are very solid papers of record when it comes to business and markets View This Page At

52:Finance & Insurance – Industry News and Trade Magazines – Research Guides at Rutgers University

“The Finance and Insurance sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in financial transactions (transactions involving the creation, liquidation, or change in ownership of financial assets) and/or in facilitating financial transactions. View This Page At

InsideBanking | Banking and Finance Magazines and Periodicals Page

InsideBanking presents a collection of banking and financial industry magazines and periodicals View This Page At

Top 7 Financial Magazines Smart Investors Should Read

If you want to stay on top of the latest financial trends and news, read these financial magazines View This Page At

Investment Banking News – MoneyBeat – WSJ

MoneyBeat provides up-to-the-minute analysis of the news that shapes markets, deal-making and finance around the world. MoneyBeat is led by Chelsey Dulaney and Ben Eisen View This Page At

Investment Bankers Blogs To Follow

Investment Blogs You Should be Reading – The Experts – WSJ

Below is my curated list of the top investing research blogs that work for me–and why I think they are worth a regular read.

There are many other finance blogs in other sub-categories (e.g., financial planning, market commentary, stock ideas) that deserve their own list View This Page At

Top 75 Bank Blogs And Websites for Financial Industry Pros in 2018

Bank Websites Best List. Keep up with banking industry news, banking business, banking companies, bank investments, bank market, banking services, banking solutions, financial services, finance tips and guides by following top banking sites View This Page At

Capitalist Concept • My Top 10 Favorite Finance Blogs

My Top 10 Favorite Finance Blogs Over the last couple of years, I have bookmarked numerous blogs relating to finding a job in investment banking. Here is a list of the top 10 View This Page At

25 Must-Read Financial IT Blogs 2017 – BizTech

To stay on top of the fast-paced fintech industry, make sure to bookmark these blogs.

These blogs will give retailers insights into the technologies they should be using to stay ahead of competitors, help customers and improve their bottom lines View This Page At

Investment Bankers To Follow Online

Finance people to follow on Twitter – Business Insider

Twitter is a useful tool for anyone in finance — but only if you can filter out the noise. This list will help do that View This Page At

The 100 Best Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

As a financial research platform built for modern analysts, Sentieo incorporates data from the financial realm of Twitter into its product as part of a curated news stream for each ticker View This Page At

15 of the Best Finance Twitter Accounts to Follow – TheStreet

Despite its ups and downs as a business and as a platform, there is one thing Twitter (TWTR) has always had over other social networks — its ability to move markets.

From legendary investment gurus to retail investors to hedge fund honchos to influential journalists, most of the world’s financial elite are on the platform, giving their opinions on the day’s events or actually breaking the news itself which moves markets View This Page At

10 Twitter Feeds Investors Should Follow

You may not have time to follow these Twitter feeds all day, but some of the larger, commercial feeds are worth watching View This Page At

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Become an Affiliate Marketer and sell products and services in the Investment Banking industry – See Our Page On How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Become An Instructional Designer and provide educational courses for the Investment Banking Industry – See Our Page On Becoming An Instructional Designer

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