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This post contains an abundance of articles from a variety of authors to give you a strong overview of what it takes to become a JavaScript developer, but first a brief Introduction.

Introduction To A Career As A JavaScript Developer

JavaScript is a popular programing language widely used today mainly to add enhancements and functionality to websites.

If you are familiar with computer programing then you can catch on quickly to the JavaScript programming language. If you are new to programming then you’ll need to start from the beginning.

In the process of learning, you will come across concepts like variables, classes, loops, functions, conditions, and a lot more. The good news is that JavaScript is a beginner-friendly language.

When you have decided what tools to use, then you can try some coding using programming environments for testing like Node.js and NPM. Also, at this point, you can move further to learn any of the JS frameworks for UI development. There are three popular options used by most JavaScript developers; Angular, React, and Vue.

Degrees in this field include a bachelor’s in computer science or programming. Knowledge in various fields like HTML, XML, CSS is a must. A lot of times computer programmers will have an understanding of similar programs. For example, a JavaScript developer may also be familiar with VBscript which is also used to add functionality to websites.

There are many options to getting your education, but before you do, make sure this is the right type of career for you. The last thing you want is to spend time and money getting into something only to find down the road that you are in the wrong career.

To find the right career, do your research. The resources in this post can help get you started. The next step is to speak with a JavaScript developer, to gain some insights into what a career as a developer is like.

When you find someone that will speak with you, make sure you create a series of questions to ask beforehand, so you get the most out of your time.

For a greater understanding of this career choice, have a look at the resources included in this post, organized in sections for your convenience.


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