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You’ll find a selection of hand-picked articles, and resource pages provided by a variety of authors to give you a solid foundation regarding a career as a jewelry appraiser, but first, a few brief points.

If you have an interest in jewelry and considering a career as a jewelry appraiser, then this post is for you. It contains several sections each containing an abundant amount of information for a career as a jewelry appraiser.

Whenever considering a career I advise the try before you buy approach. In other words, find out if you can shadow a jewelry appraiser to get a taste of what it’s like before spending time and money to get certified. I would hate to see anyone invest time and money in a career only to find that the job wasn’t what they were expecting.

Have a look at the tips and resources included in this post that will give you an overall summary of what it takes to become a jewelry appraiser.



What Qualifications Should Credible Jewelry Appraisers Have?

JCRS – Jeweler/Appraiser Credentials

Gemologist Qualifications

Appraiser Education – Schools and Certification

ISG Registered Gemologist Program

ASA, GIA to Offer Jewelry Appraisal Classes in California | National Jeweler

Jewelry Appraiser – Career Igniter


Jewelry Appraiser Salary | PayScale

Resume Tips

Diamond Expert/Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Appraiser Resume Example (Bartles Appraisal Service) – Umatilla, Florida

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Steps To Becoming A Jewelry Appraiser

How do you become a jewelry appraiser?

How to Become a Jewelry Appraiser – DMIA

Jewelry Judge – The Nation’s Jewelry Appraisers – How Does One Become An Appraiser?

How to Become a Jewelry Appraiser | Career Trend

How to Become a Jewelry Appraiser

Jewelry Appraisal vs Jewelry Grading: Evaluate Your Jewelry!


Jewelers Tools – Gemology Tools – Appraisal Supplies –


Glossary of Terms – Certified Jewelry Appraisals | Certified Gemological Information Jewelry Appraisers of Lancaster PA


Jewelry Appraisal Diamond GIA Appraiser Gemology Manhassett NY Gemologist

Job Opportunities

The Latest About Jewelry Appraisers

Google Searches

Latest Searches For Jewelry Appraisers


Latest News About Jewelry Appraisers



Books Related To Jewelry Appraisers



Tweets Related To Jewelry Appraisers


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