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What is the Job Description of an Appraiser?

Appraisers comb over the fine details of art, jewelry, buildings, and other assets and use their training to estimate value. As an appraiser, it’ll…

Appraisers comb over the fine details of art, jewelry, buildings, and other assets and use their training to estimate value.

As an appraiser, it’ll be up to you to research, examine, and determine the worth of various items View This Page At

Qualifications of a Jewelry Appraiser

What Qualifications Should Credible Jewelry Appraisers Have?

Appraisers are part of a niche group of experts that form just a small, yet very critical aspect of the jewelry industry. Our skill sets derive from years

Our skill sets derive from years of industry related experience, ongoing studies involving new and advanced scientific procedures.

Extensive research of market fluctuations and fashion trends that affect production cost and material value, to intercommunication with larger research labs and organizations to keep up on legal guidelines for correct disclosures within the context of what is used in most circumstances as legal statements and documents View This Page At

JCRS – Jeweler/Appraiser Credentials

There is no federal or independent body setting qualifications for who may be a jeweler or a jewelry appraiser. Though these may sound like impressive titles, backed by study and expertise, literally anyone can hang out a shingle as a jeweler or an appraiser.

The accuracy of both the description and the valuation of your jewelry depends on the reliability of the jeweler/appraiser. In one investigation, TV reporters took a piece of jewelry to several jewelers for appraisal and received widely varying valuations View This Page At

Gemologist Qualifications

On October 20, 2006, the IRS unveiled transitional guidance that it will use to determine if an appraisal can be considered a “qualified appraisal” for purposes of substantiating the value of a non-cash charitable contribution.

The recently-passed Pension Protection Act of 2006 (Pub. L. No. 109-280, 120 Stat.780 (2006)) establishes new substantiation requirements for the allowance of deductions for non-cash charitable contributions of greater than $5,000 View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser Education – Schools and Certification

ISG Registered Gemologist Program

Curious about the study of gemology? This course is designed to get you acquainted with gemology and the ISG. Click here for more information.

I really enjoyed being a part of your Registered Gemologist Program. I have just passed my Registered Gemologist’s Exam and can’t wait to display my diploma in my jewelry store!

I was just about to give up on my dream… I found The ISG. It´s just fantastic that I can be on my sofa in Stockholm and study gemology and not only keep a dream alive View This Page At

ASA, GIA to Offer Jewelry Appraisal Classes in California | National Jeweler

“Jewelry Forensics for Appraisers” and “Appraising Gems and Jewelry for Insurance Coverage” will be held in May. View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser – Career Igniter

A jewelry appraiser crutinizes jewelry to determine its true worth. With the training you get in valuation science as well as your actual marketplace experience, you are able to give the appraised value of a particular jewelry item and write clear appraisal documents following the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

As a jewelry appraiser, you are a highly-skilled professional who uses special tools to examine the value of items like gold and diamond rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry pieces View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser Salary

Jewelry Appraiser Salary | PayScale

The average salary for a Jewelry Appraiser is $58,175. Visit PayScale to research jewelry appraiser salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser Resume Tips

Diamond Expert/Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Appraiser Resume Example (Bartles Appraisal Service) – Umatilla, Florida

This is an actual resume example of a Diamond Expert/Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Appraiser who works in the Retail Industry.

LiveCareer has 421433 Retail resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder View This Page At

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Steps To Becoming A Jewelry Appraiser

How do you become a jewelry appraiser?

What is the difference between a jeweler, gemologist and appraiser? Its not as complicated as you might think. Here is the information regarding jewelry purchases and what you need to know about jewelers, gemologists, and appraisers…

A gemologist is one who studies gemstone identification and grading. A good gemologist is not necessarily a good appraiser.

But a good appraiser must be a good gemologists. How can this be? Well, a good gemologist will be someone who is constantly involved in the study of gemstones View This Page At

How to Become a Jewelry Appraiser – DMIA

Diamond Jewelry Retailer, Manufacturer, and Importer Resources.

If you would you like to learn how to become a jewelry appraiser, then you are in the right place. We have gone through great lengths to get you the most up to date information on how to become a jewelry appraiser.

Before we begin you should ask yourself why do you want to become a jewelry appraiser?

This is a pretty important question each person will have their own reasons but you need to have a clear understanding why you want to pursue this goal View This Page At

Jewelry Judge – The Nation’s Jewelry Appraisers – How Does One Become An Appraiser?

Licensed Jewelry Judge for Your Jewelry Appraisals

Trust Only a Licensed Jewelry Judge for Your Jewelry Appraisals! View This Page At

How to Become a Jewelry Appraiser | Career Trend

A certified jewelry appraiser examines jewelry to determine its value, which they then put into writing in the form of a certificate or appraisal document.

They complete this process by researching the current market and referring to auction catalogs and price lists. Most appraisers hold certifications as gemologists and often work in small retail or repair shops.

Register for and complete a Master Valuer Program or gemologist certification program. These are courses that are designed to provide you with the appropriate training in View This Page At

How to Become a Jewelry Appraiser

Are you interested in how to become a jewelry appraiser? Jewelry appraisers assess a variety of types of jewelry to determine how much a specific piece is worth.

They research the jewelry market and use auction catalogs, reference books, price lists, and even the Internet to determine the value of pieces.

The value of jewelry is very important to retailers and owners. Jewelry appraisers are trained professionals that are employed by a variety of jewelry facilities View This Page At

Jewelry Appraisal vs Jewelry Grading: Evaluate Your Jewelry!

Looking to get your jewelry appraised?

Read about the difference between jewelry appraisal & jewelry grading, and get a value estimation for your piece View This Page At

Appraising Gems and Jewelry for Insurance Coverage

Please see the “Upcoming Classes” tab for class offerings and registration information.

Whether you are new to the jewelry appraisal profession or regularly rely on the services of a jewelry appraisal professional, you will find the most current appraisal terminology together with appraisal development and report writing instruction presented in GJ202 invaluable.

This course is designed to build a strong foundation and understanding of principals of valuation as they apply to gems and jewelry appraising, and to introduce the student to ASA descriptive guidelines for gems and jewelry View This Page At

Jewelry Appraisers Associations

Appraisal Associations

Useful contact information if you’re looking for a professional to value your gem or jewelry item.

GIA does not provide an appraised value for gemstones or jewelry. This service should be performed by an independent appraiser.

An appraisal should contain a quality analysis, description, and valuation of the gemstone or jewelry item.

While GIA does not recommend individual appraisers, there are several national appraisal associations and networks that will be able to help you locate an appraiser in your area View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser Tools

Jewelers Tools – Gemology Tools – Appraisal Supplies –

Watchmakers parts and watch repair tools and supplies including watch straps, batteries, movements, and clasps

For any jewelry maker or jeweler it is helpful to be able to offer appraisal services to your customers, or just to be able to appraise your completed jewelry designs.

Certified gemologists are qualified to act as appraisers of jewelry and complete appraisals that can be used for insurance purposes View This Page At

Additional Jewelry Appraiser Resources

Glossary and Terms Related to Jewelry Appraiser

Glossary of Terms – Certified Jewelry Appraisals | Certified Gemological Information Jewelry Appraisesrs of Lancaster PA

Karat is a unit of measure indicating the fineness of gold. Most gold jewelry contains gold and another metal, making it an alloy. 10 karat gold is 41.7% pure gold.

Karat is a unit of measure indicating the fineness of gold. Most gold jewelry contains gold and another metal, making it an alloy. 12 karat gold is 50% pure gold.

Karat is a unit of measure indicating the fineness of gold. Most gold jewelry contains gold and another metal, making it an alloy. 14 karat gold is 58.3% pure gold and is often preferred in jewelry for its durability View This Page At

Common Terminology or Trade Terms | Jewelry Appraiser in Rockville MD

Common Terminology or Trade Terms are very helpful for people who are trying to understand their jewelry appraisals such as terms about diamonds and gemstones

Baguette– A French word meaning “rod” .A style of step cutting for small, rectangular or trapeze-shaped gemstones, principally diamonds.

Bearded Girdle– If a diamond is rounded up too quickly in the fashioning process, the surface of the girdle will lack the smoothness and waxy luster of a finely turned girdle. Consequently, numerous minute, hairline fractures extend a short distance into the stone. A girdle with this appearance is referred to as being “bearded” or “fuzzy.”.

Blue White– A term banned by the FTC except in cases in which a diamond is graded D,E,or F colour with a blue fluorescence View This Page At

Glossary | Jewelry Appraiser in Rockville MD

These terms are helpful for people trying to understand their diamond report or appraisal.

Alluvial Stone – A stone that has been transported by water and deposited in seas, lakes or stream beds. Many gems, including diamonds, are found in alluvial deposits.

Bezel – A smooth metal frame encasing a stone.

Bezel Facets – The eight large, four-sided facets on the crown of a round, brilliant-cut gem, the upper points of which join the table and the lower points join the girdle.

Black Diamond – When a diamond is dark gray, a very dark green or truly black, it is referred to in the trade as a black diamond. Such a stone may be opaque to nearly semi-transparent. Most black diamonds have been treated.

Blemish – Any surface imperfection on a fashioned diamond; e.g., a nick, knot, scratch, abrasion, minor crack or cavity, or poor polish. Also, a natural or an extra facet, visible on or through the crown, usually is considered a blemish View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser Trade Publications

Jewelry Appraisal Diamond GIA Appraiser Gemology Manhassett NY Gemologist

Debòrah Ann Villepigue is the jewelry appraiser to celebrities, judges and people just like you. When Life and Style magazine wanted to do an appraisal for Lady Ga-Ga’s engagement ring, they turned to Debòrah Villepigue.

In January 2018 Debòrah appraised Paris Hilton’s 2 million dollar engagement ring.

All of the big celebrities go to Debòrah “The Jewelry Appraiser” because they trust her and so can you View This Page At

Jewelry Appraiser Job Opportunities At:

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