How To Become A Jingle Singer These Resources Tell All

A Collection of Resources For Becoming A Jingle Singer

I have included a collection of articles I found interesting and useful for anyone interested in becoming a jingle singer. Going through the content will give you an overview of what’s involved with this type of career but first a few brief points to consider.

As a jingle singer, it’s your job to take a line or two and make it memorable and catchy. It’s your jingle, people will associate with a product, service, or business. It’s your jingle that may be around for many years, and it’s your jingle that will help build brand recognition.

You may write and sing your own jingle or just be the one that turns a jingle into magic using your voice.

Naturally, if you’re considering this as a career you need to have a decent voice and a good sense of using rhythm to make your jingles captivating.

You’ll need to come up with several versions and allow the customer to choose the one they think will work best.

When providing samples, only put out your best work, because what if the customer chooses the one you didn’t feel was your best. Don’t just add jingles so the customer has a wide variety of samples to choose from, allow the customer to choose one from your best work.


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