How to Become a Pipefitter – Resources For Tips You Need

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A Unique Collection of Resources You’ll Need To Become a Pipefitter

If you’re hands-on and like to thread, grind, weld, solder, and generally work with metal, then a career as a pipefitter is a possible career choice for you. If you’re looking for a skills trade, have a look to see if this is something that may be appealing to you.

When you’re considering a career, it’s best to take the “try before you buy” approach. That means to get a taste of what you’re getting into before you commit the time, money, and effort you need to put in to get certified.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars and years of schooling and apprenticeships only to find a few years down the road you made the wrong career choice. Choosing the wrong career can be devastating and make your time at work seem like an eternity.

You’re better off shadowing a pipefitter, if possible; this will allow you to see what it’s like having a career in this field. You can also work in the field or volunteer so that you’ll be certain that this is the right career choice for you.

Another method you can use to get some insights is to interview a few pipefitters who are willing to give you some time. You’ll want to be sure you have a list of questions prepared beforehand so that you don’t forget anything, and you don’t waste the time of the people you’re interviewing.

Some of your job duties may include:

  • Modifying pipes by cutting, shaping, and threading according to specifications
  • Assembling piping systems, using any combination of fittings, welding, soldering, pipe cement, etc.
  • Inspecting and troubleshooting existing system
  • Installing pipes on walls, ceiling, and other structures
  • Planning layouts according to specification and blueprints
  • Selecting pipe sizes, grade, and necessary hardware for the job
  • Modifying structures to install the pipe, like making holes in walls
  • Maintaining and possibly replacing existing piping systems
  • More in the resources to follow

You may be working at different sites, with varying temperatures from hot to cold, depending on the time of the year and condition of the building.

A brand-new building may not have heat or air conditioning during the time working there.

If you’re lucky and like to work in a shop, you may not have to work on-site or be a part of the installation. Be sure to look into the working conditions if that part of the job is important to you.

For a complete overview of this career, have a look at the collection of handpicked resources I have selected for this post, organized in sections for your conscience.

Sections Included In this Post:

  • How to Become a Pipefitter
  • Pipefitter Job Descriptions
  • Pipefitter Education and Certification
  • Job Outlook for a Pipefitter
  • A Day in the Life of a Pipefitter
  • Character Traits of a Pipefitter
  • Skills of a Pipefitter
  • Salary for a Pipefitter
  • Getting The Job
  • Pipefitter Resume Samples
  • Pipefitter Interview Tips
  • Associations Related to Pipefitters
  • Industry Terminology
  • Publications Related To Pipefitters
  • Tips and Insights Related to Pipefitters
  • Job Opportunities for a Pipefitter

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Getting The Job

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