How to Become a Psychiatric Nurse Using These Resources

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A Unique Collection of Resources You’ll Need To Become a Psychiatric Nurse


If you’re considering a career as a psychiatric nurse, this post will give you a strong overview of what you need to do and what to expect from this type of career. After a brief introduction, you’ll find a unique collection of resources that offer insights and background information for this career.

A psychiatric nurse does not prescribe medications. Some states do allow it with an advanced practice registered nurse.

As a nurse in this field, you won’t see quick improvements in patients. This type of care takes time, and progress is slow. Naturally, each case is different, but overall you don’t see an overnight difference.

You will also see many people with different problems. You may be dealing with someone with a mild disorder; then, in a bit you’ll deal with someone with a severe disorder, this is something to keep in mind.

As a psychiatric nurse, some of your job duties may include:

  • Evaluate the mental health needs of patients
  • Provide personal care to patients
  • Provide psychotherapy for patients
  • Develop and maintain treatment plans
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Consult with family members
  • Coordinate with doctors and health care professionals
  • Track and administer medication
  • More in the resources to follow

In your career, you may also have to deal with patients that have:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Mood disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • More in the resources to follow

Your work environment may include the following:

  • Hospitals in your area
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Local and state prisons
  • Mental health organizations
  • Schools
  • More in the resources to follow


It takes a special person to work in this type of environment. You’re dealing with severe to mild cases, and the long-term exposure can affect your mental wellbeing.

You have to be a strong person and always look at the positive. In my opinion, succeeding in this type of career and being able to perform in this type of environment is a gift you’re born with. A lot of people can’t perform in this type of work environment. If you can, then this may be something you were born to do.

Is this the right career for you?

You want to make sure this career is right for you before you invest in your certification.

One thing you can do is see if there is an opportunity to volunteer at a psychiatric institution in your spare time so that you can get some real experience and get exposure to the type of environment you will be working in for the foreseeable future.

Another step you can take is to research the universities that offer the education you need to get your degree. They can give you an overview of what this career is like and what you need. They may also contact graduates that can give you a wealth of information based on their experience.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Resources

Have a look at the resources I have selected that will provide you with a lot of information about this career. You’ll want to spend the time needed to go through the articles so that you’ll gain a broad understanding and know what steps to take.

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Job Outlook

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Getting The Job

Job Preparation Resources You Need to Get That Job

Resume Samples

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Interview Tips

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American Psychiatric Nurses Association – American Psychiatric Nurses Association

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Job Opportunities





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