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A Collection of Web Pages About Creating Routines

Routines Make You More Productive. You Probably Just Never Knew How.

The most successful people have structured routines – and for good reason. Structured routines make you more productive and effective.

Instead of running around with a vague idea of what you want to accomplish, the right lifestyle routine can turn you into a productivity monster. Here’s how…More at

How routines can boost your productivity

Like it or not, routines are where you spend more time. Take advantage of this to improve your productivity.

Let’s face it. During a typical day, how many things do you do that are more or less repetitive and how many things do you do that are really new?

Yes, you have to accept it; routines are the foundation of your life…More at

Science Of Structure: Why Your Routine Is Killing Your Creativity

I’ve always considered human beings to be “creatures of habit.”

Throughout our lives, it seems as though we’re constantly jumping from one schedule to the next. From preschool to the workplace, we’ve been conditioned to follow an agenda and have…

I’ve always considered human beings to be “creatures of habit.”..More at

Psychology of Daily Routines (why we struggle with habits)

If you have tried to set daily routines and failed, do not feel bad. This is quite common, and t can be easily overcome if you understand the psychology…

If you’ve tried to establish daily routines and failed, don’t feel bad. Your struggle is a common one—and something you can overcome it if you understand the psychology behind daily routines.

You see, there are many underlying reasons why you might have failed with building routines in the past…More at

8 Pros + 8 Cons of a Daily Routine – MyLeanMBA Blog

A daily routine can improve your efficiency, health, and dependability. However, they can limit your creativity and cause monotony. See all 16 pros & cons.

There are dozens of articles on the benefits of building and following a daily routine. But there are just as many posts that dispute the claims of routines, arguing they can be bad for you…More at