How To Become A School Counselor Using These Tips

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A Collection of Articles Related to Becoming a School Counselor

In this post, you’ll find out if you’re suited to become a school counselor. Counselors help students overcome social and behavioral problems through group sessions or on a one to one basis. They work with students to help them develop career choices that are suited for them. They also develop strategies to help students improve their abilities and interests. In addition to these, you’ll find more on what counselors do in the resources that follow.

You want to make sure this is the right career choice for you. It would be a shame to invest in your education and spend a lot of money on tuition only to find you made the wrong career choice. One way of identifying if a career is right for you is to shadow a school counselor if that option is available. This will give you some hands-on experience and an inside view as to what to expect from this career.

Another way to get inside information is to interview a school counselor that can answer questions you have.  If you get an interview, be sure to prepare your questions so you get the most out of the time you have and you’ll be respecting the time of the person you’re interviewing.

For a strong overview of a career as a school counselor, have a look at the unique collection of hand-picked resources in this post, organized in sections for your convenience.


How To Become A School Counselor

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Character Traits

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Getting The Job

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Resume Tips

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Job Interview Questions

Interview Questions

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College Counseling Glossary of Terms

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TV Shows and Movies Related

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Job Opportunities





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