How To Become A TV Director – Must See Resources

October 31, 2019 453 views

A Collection of Pages About Becoming A TV Director

As a director, you will study and approve scripts, conduct rehearsals, work with writers, producers, actors, technical staff, camera crews, photographers, etc. You will be in charge of coordinating it all.

In order to make it as a successful director, your creativity and organizational skills play a big role. You need to see the big picture and envision the end result before starting.

You need to be aware of your budget. Unlike movie directors, TV directors have smaller budgets to work with. Blockbuster movies have large budgets that allow for more creativity and action scenes that are not available for TV movies. Movies make money from ticket sales while TV relies on advertising revenue.

A TV director is also bound by time constraints. TV programs, unlike movies, air for a certain amount of time. For example, a program on TV may air for one hour. During that one hour, there are approximately 16 minutes of commercials. Therefore the program is for 44 minutes and you can’t extend your program even a minute or two.

With any career, you should get a taste of what it’s like before investing your time and money in a career. The worst thing that can happen is spending all that time and money only to find this career choice isn’t for you.

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