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February 3, 2020 919 views

A Unique Collection of Resources, You’ll Need To Become a Virologist

If you’re interested in biology and the study of how viruses affect living organisms, then a career as a virologist is an option you can consider.

In this type of career, you may be researching, studying, teaching, or you may be required to both study and teach. You may look into how viruses affect people, animals, and plant life that reside in our communities, agriculture, and natural environments.

You may find employment at a government agency, university, or a pharmaceutical company. You could be stationed in a lab or office, depending on the job requirements.

You could be collaborating with doctors and scientists on specific projects. As a virologist, your work is important, and you may even be a part of a team that can make a difference in the quality of life and saves thousands of people from illness. In my opinion, this could be a driving force that would attract people interested in biology to get into this type of career.

You need to choose the right career before you spend years of schooling and thousands of dollars for an education, only to find you made the wrong career choice. It happens, and it’s a shame because you may think it’s the job for you, and it’s what you want to do, only to find work in this field turns out to be different than you expected.

If you have the opportunity, look into shadowing a virologist so you can get a taste of what it’s like before investing in this career choice.

If that’s not an option, look for a virologist you can interview. With this option, you have the opportunity to create a list of questions beforehand so you can cover all bases. Another approach to this method is to do some volunteer work if that’s available because you can get an idea of the type of work environment.

You can get a good overview by doing your research, and that’s where this post comes in. There are a lot of resources in this post related to this career. Take advantage of these resources and set some time aside so you can go through each article to gain an overview of this career.


How to Become a Virologist

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Job Outlook

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A Day in the Life

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Getting The Job

Job Preparation Resources You Need to Get That Job

Resume Samples

E-resume Examples: Virologist Resume Sample

Research Scientist In Virology Resume Example George Washington University – Silver Spring, Maryland

Interview Tips

Virologist Interview Questions

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Virology Toolbox

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Virology.ca Tools – Viral Bioinformatics Research Centre

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A Dictionary of Virology, Third Edition

People In Virology

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Movies and Documentaries

Contagion, the movie

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Famous Virologists

List of Famous Virologists – Biographies, Timelines, Trivia & Life History

List of Famous Virologists – Biographies, Timelines, Trivia & Life History

Job Opportunities





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