How To Become A Vocal Coach Using These Resources

A Collection of Resources To Guide you Through The Process of Becoming A Vocal Coach

In this post you’ll find articles, tips, and resources related to becoming a vocal coach, but first, a few brief points to consider.

As a vocal coach, you’ll be dealing with a variety of people all at a different level. There are those that will need to take their voice to the next level and those that are just not cut out for a career in singing.

For those that need to go to the next level, you must step up your coaching skills to get them there, and for those with no hope, you’ll need to let them know your professional opinion.

As a coach, you want to watch your students carefully and provide help where they can benefit the most. Each student should be trained specifically for their needs.

When your students are making significant improvements, you will probably get a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction which for many people is just as satisfying as the pay.

Before investing the time and money to become a coach see if you can shadow or interview a singing coach to get an overview of what to expect from this type of career.

Below you’ll find the resources I have included in this post for anyone considering a career as a vocal coach.


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How To Become A Vocal Coach

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Career Overview

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Character Traits

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Education – Schools and Certification

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Getting The Job

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Resume Tips

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Interview Questions

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Glossary And Terms

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Tips and Insights

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Job Opportunities


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