How To Become A Welder – Resources You Need Before You Start

November 4, 2019 504 views

A Collection of Pages About Becoming A Welder

If you’re on the creative side and like welding and working with metal, then a job as a welder may be a career option for you.

As a welder, you may be working in the shop and at times you may have to work at different locations, for example, if a steel building is under construction you may need to work on-site for a few weeks welding beams.

Welding requires physical labor including a lot of bending and lifting as well as skilled labor. It also requires a lot of detailed work and set up before you start welding. Your welds must be seamless, strong, and accurate. There are many times you may be welding different types of metal and thicknesses of material that require different types of welding techniques.

Depending on your location there are different types of certification. A lot of times you start off as an apprentice. Naturally becoming a certified welder opens more opportunities in the field.

With a lot of mass-produced factory jobs, welding is automated and performed by robots. As mentioned in the example above with new steel construction buildings it doesn’t make sense to set up robots, therefore, parts that don’t come in already welded are welded on site.

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