3M Company Profile – Select Resources Tell The Whole Story

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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of 3M

Minnesota, the year 1902, the Mining and Manufacturing Company, known today as 3M was established. It started off mining mineral deposits for grinding wheel abrasives and shortly after setting the focus on manufacturing sandpaper. Today this company has evolved into a multinational conglomerate.

3M has developed a multitude of products used worldwide by businesses as well as the regular household consumer.

When I see 3M products on the shelf in stores I sense, “quality products,” and a name you can trust. I have used their products many times in the past and will continue to do so.

In addition to consumer goods, the company has expanded in the fields of industry, worker safety, and health care. Some of the product categories include:

  • Automotive Products
  • Dental Products
  • Tapes & Adhesives
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Abrasives
  • Home Office & School Supplies
  • Signs & Displays
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Personal Health Care
  • Surgical Solutions
  • Wire & Cable
  • Skin & Wound Care
  • Securement & Immobilization-Dressing Securement
  • Marine Maintenance and Repair
  • Traffic & Vehicle Safety
  • Electrical Solutions
  • Casting & Splinting
  • Electronics Materials
  • Food Safety & Microbiology
  • Facility Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Vascular Access
  • Home Care & Cleaning

3M takes pride in its innovations including research and development, which has to lead to many new products and services that are used today by millions of people.

An impressive sales volume of over 31 Billion in 2017, and providing 91,000 jobs this company is an important part of the economy. Also worth noting is in 2018 the company ranked 97 in the Fortune 500 List, categorized by revenue.

For the full story on this successful conglomerate have a look at the resources below that include, the history, founders, interesting facts, financial reports and news about 3M, organized in sections for your convenience.

Sections Included In This Post:

    • The History of 3M
    • 3M Founders
    • 3M Executives
    • The 3M Mission Statement
    • 3M Divisions And Subsidiaries
    • 3M Ownership And Investors
    • Facts About 3M
    • 3M Reports And Financial Statements
    • Business Strategies Used By 3M
    • Revenue Strategies
    • The Main Competitors of 3M
    • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
    • Products & Services Offered By 3M
    • 3M Employee Relations
    • 3M Company Culture
    • The Reputation of 3M
    • 3M Company Complaints
    • 3M Failures
    • Inside The Success of 3M
    • 3M Articles And Stories of Interest
    • Books Related to 3M
    • The Latest About 3M
    • Latest News Related To 3M
    • Tweets Related To 3M
    • Videos Related To 3M

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The History of 3M

A company’s history offers valuable lessons and it’s interesting to find out about a company’s original operations, how it has changed, and the challenges during the startup phase.

Have a look at the selection below to understand more about the history of 3M.

Overview – 3M Company – LibGuides at Minnesota Historical Society Library

Timeline of 3M History | 3M United States

3M – Wikipedia

History of 3M Company – FundingUniverse

3M Company | American corporation | Britannica.com

3M Company – Asbestos Products & Lawsuits

3M – Companies History .com

3M Founders

This section focuses on the people that started the company. You can gain insights into their goals, ideas, foresight, and how they started the company. Many founders have interesting stories and experiences related to starting their business and the challenges they faced, as well as what they did to overcome those challenges.

Have a look at the following resources included in this post related to the founders.

John Dwan Office Building – Wikipedia

3M Executives

In the executive section, you’ll find information related to the management of a company. Management decisions are an important role in a company’s success. It’s not luck that makes a company successful, but planning, strategy, and leadership.

Have a look at the selection below for information related to the executives of 3M.

3M Company CEO and key executive team

MMM Company Profile & Executives – 3M Co. – Wall Street Journal

3M CO Executive Salaries & Other Compensation | Salary.com

The 3M Mission Statement

A mission statement helps a company stay on track and focus on its goals, culture, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

A mission statement is for company employees as well as the public. It’s usually a broad description of the company’s focus and activities.

A company’s mission statement is the company’s public face, and it is commonly used in marketing materials.

Below are the resources I have included related to the mission statement of 3M.

3M Mission Statement and/or Vision Statement

3M Mission, Vision & Values | Comparably

3M Divisions And Subsidiaries

The division of a company is a part of a business entity. In other words, even if a division operates under a different name it’s still part of the entity.

A subsidiary is an entirely different company, usually owned by a larger company.

Have a look at the resources for 3M subsidiaries and Divisions.

3m Company And Consolidated Subsidiaries (Parent And Subsidiaries)

Mergers and Acquisitions | 3M News | United States

Subsidiaries for 3M | Environmental XPRT

3M Ownership And Investors

In this section, you’ll find resources related to ownership, investors, and shares, for to 3M. Below you’ll find the resources I have included for this post.

3M – Stock Information – Ownership Profile

MMM – 3M Co Shareholders – CNNMoney.com

Who Are The Major Shareholders In 3M Company (NYSE:MMM)? – Simply Wall St News

3M Company Common Stock (MMM) Institutional Holdings | Nasdaq

Who Are The Top Investors In 3M Company (NYSE:MMM)?

Facts About 3M

In this section, you’ll find facts about the company. I like going through the facts because in a page or two you can learn a lot about the company and if you find something that’s really interesting you can dig deeper.

Have a look at the resources below included in this post related to 3M facts.

3M – Statistics & Facts | Statista

Little-known facts about 3M

3M facts

3M: A Company (Literally) Like No Other | The Motley Fool

How Scotch Tape Was Invented

3M Reports And Financial Statements

In this section, you can find out information such as the company’s profits, losses, net worth, liabilities, shares, owner’s equity, etc. that are available to the general public.

Have a look at the resources included below.

3M – Overview

3M – Financials – Annual Reports & Proxy Statements

3M Company (MMM) Company Profile & Facts

MMM.N – 3M Co Profile | Reuters

Business Strategies Used By 3M

In this section, can get a glimpse of the strategist used by the company. The strategy a company uses can be the difference between success, failure, a mediocre business, or a huge success story.

Below you’ll see the resources included related to business strategies used by 3M

3M CEO Outlines Strategies for the Future and Sets Five-Year Financial Targets | 3M News | United States

3M’s strategy system—planning in an innovative corporation | Emerald Insight

Global Level Strategies Of 3M

Planning global strategies for 3M – ScienceDirect

Revenue Strategies

This section focuses on the main revenue sources the company targets. For some companies it’s one main source for others it’s multiple sources of revenue.

Have a look at the resources to follow to give you an overview of the revenue strategies used by 3M.

How 3M Makes Money: A Plethora of Products

How 3M Makes Money? Understanding 3M Business Model – Revenues & Profits

Here’s Where 3M Makes Money | The Motley Fool

The Main Competitors of 3M

This section focuses on direct and indirect competition for 3M. Competition is good, it drives innovation. If it wasn’t for competition businesses wouldn’t have to try so hard for your business. Competition makes managers and company owners come up with better ideas for products and services while providing the best prices they can.

Below you can browse through the resources related to the main competition for 3M.

3M’s Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions

3M Company competitors

What Strengths Differentiate 3M Company from the Competition? – Market Realist

What companies are competitors to the 3M company? – Quora

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

This section focuses on the target market and the marketing strategies used. Just as above targeting is an important process and without it your focus will be too broad and you won’t be able to zero in on the right marketing techniques.

The marketing strategy used by a company can make or break it. The right strategy can make millions while a poor marketing strategy can end up in bankruptcy.

3M Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy | MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share.

How 3M Stays Ahead With Its Modern Marketing Campaigns – Word-of-Mouth and Referral Marketing Blog

Marketing mix of 3M – 3M Marketing mix and 4 P’s of 3M

Why 3M’s Marketing Sticks With Millennials and DIY’ers

Products & Services Offered By 3M

This section offer resources related to core products and services offered by 3M. Many large corporations have a large variety of products and services. Some companies are so large and complex that they deal in a variety of industries that operate on a global level, which is known as conglomerates.

Have a look at the resources below for products and services offered by 3M.

3M Products | 3M United States

3M Products for Consumer | 3M United States

3M Science. Applied to Life. 3M United States

3M Employee Relations

In this section, you can find resources related to the employees of 3M such as job satisfaction, labor relations, the number of employees, etc.

Working at 3M: 2,080 Reviews | Indeed.com

Working at 3M: 651 Reviews about Pay & Benefits | Indeed.com

3M is a good company to work for if the job is a good fit. | Glassdoor

3M: In the Company We Trust | Blog.SHRM.org

3M Benefits, Total Rewards – 3M Careers United States

3M Company Culture

Here’s where you can gain an idea about the culture of the company. A Company’s culture includes the work environment, company values, expectations, ethics, and more.

See the resources included in this post for the culture of 3M

3M – Company culture | Glassdoor

3M Company Culture | Comparably

organizational culture 3M – Organizational culture 3M had a corporate culture which focused on innovation The values and norms shared by employees of 3M | Course Hero

Transforming a Legacy Culture at 3M: Teaching an Elephant How to Dance – Oxford Handbooks

The Reputation of 3M

In the resources below, you’ll find information related to the reputation of 3M. You’ll get insights as to how 3M is viewed by the general public.

A companies reputation is important a bad reputation can result in huge losses and the loss of public trust. A company’s reputation is an asset to any company and it’s important to maintain it.

3M Reputation | Comparably

What Makes 3M a Forbes Most Reputable Company? Our Employees Comment

America’s Most And Least Reputable Big Companies

3M Company Complaints

In this section, you can go through the resources to view the complaints, whether the complaints lead to a lawsuit or a viral rant, have a look at the complaints people have against 3M.

RM LAW Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against 3M Company

Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. Announces That a Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against 3M Company (NYSE: MMM) and Encourages 3M Investors to Contact the Firm

Pomerantz Law Firm Announces the Filing of a Class Action against 3M Company and Certain Officers – MMM

3M Lawsuit | The Office of Attorney General Keith Ellison

3M Company Class Action Lawsuit

Environmental Liability-Related Securities Suit Filed Against 3M | The D&O Diary

3M Failures

Companies go through many phases, some are successful and some are miserable failures. Even though a company has failures, it’s a learning experience for management as well as other people.

Below are the resources I have included for this post related to 3M failures.

The TRUE story of Post-It Notes, and how they almost failed – Idea to Value

Six Sigma ‘killed’ innovation in 3M | ZDNet

Introducing Girls to Engineering Through GRIT and Failure | 3M News | United States

(DOC) 3M Failure and Success | Matthew Corbitt – Academia.edu

Inside The Success of 3M

Success can be the result of a small idea that was executed extremely well at other times it may be the result of a long term vision.

It’s interesting to study the success of companies and how people have dealt with managing a company that started off small and grew into a huge success story.

Have a look at the resources I have included in this post related to the success of 3M.

3M Positioned for a Successful 2017 and Beyond | 3M News | United States

3M: Increasing Earnings Through Consistent Innovation

Lessons from 3M: Why Investing In R&D Is Your Ticket To Success

3M Articles And Stories of Interest

In this section, you’ll find a mix of articles worth mentioning in this post related to 3M.

Have a look at what’s included for this post related to 3M.

3M Stock Plummets as Earnings Shock Wall Street – Barron’s

The Innovation Mindset in Action: 3M Corporation

Here’s Why 3M Fell 15.7% in May | The Motley Fool

3M Stock News and Research Articles | MMM – GuruFocus.com

3M gives update on recent recall of fall protection devices | 2019-08-08 | Safety+Health Magazine

3M CEO seeing ‘baptism by fire’ with trade war, slowing economy – StarTribune.com

3M Company – The New York Times

Books Related to 3M

Some companies are a huge success story or a miserable failure, with many lessons to learn. Have a look at books people have written for a complete overview.

Have a look at the links below to view the books available related to 3M

Books From Amazon Related To 3M

Google Book Search Related To 3M

The Latest About 3M

In this section, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest information related to 3M including the latest news, Google searches, videos, what people are tweeting, and more.

I recommend spending some time on the news, tweets, that can offer up-to-the-minute information about 3M.

Google Searches

Latest Search Results Related To 3M

Latest Scholar Search Results Related To 3M

Latest Image Search Results Related to 3M


Latest News Related To 3M


Tweets Related To 3M


Videos Related To 3M