A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of Amazon

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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of Amazon

July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, Amazon.com was born in a garage providing books online, only to turn into an e-commerce giant that is now the largest internet company when it comes to revenue.

With an initial investment of $10,000 and doors used as desks, Amazon was on its way to surpassing Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States.

Today Amazon is considered one of the Big Four technology companies alongside Google, Apple, and Facebook.

The company today deals in a wide variety of products and services including subscription-based services.

Categories the company deals include:

  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Video games
  • Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Etc.

The company also has its own products, services, and technologies it has acquired or created such as:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon Music
  • Audible
  • Amazon Publishing
  • cloud computing
  • digital streaming
  • artificial intelligence
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Kindle e-readers
  • Fire tablets
  • Fire TV
  • Echo devices
  • Ring
  • Twitch.tv
  • More in the resources below

For an in-depth look at Amazom.com such as revenue, facts, history, and more see the resources included in this post that offer the complete story of Amazon.com

Sections Included Included In This Post:

    • The History of Amazon
    • The Amazon Mission Statement
    • Company Goals
    • Strategies Used By Amazon
    • Facts About Amazon
    • The Impact Amazon has on The Retail Industry
    • Amazon Founders
    • Amazon Reports And Financial Statements
    • Amazon Employee Relations
  • Amazon Divisions And Subsidiaries
  • Amazon Ownership & Investors
  • The Main Competitors of Amazon
  • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
  • Products & Services Offered By Amazon
  • The Reputation of Amazon
  • Amazon Complaints
  • Amazon Failures
  • Inside The Success of Amazon
  • Books Related to Amazon
  • The Latest About Amazon
  • Tweets Related To Amazon
  • Videos Related To Amazon

The History of Amazon

Amazon.com | History & Facts | Britannica.com

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Amazon’s extraordinary 25-year evolution

The Amazon Mission Statement

Amazon’s Mission Statement

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Company Goals

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Jeff Bezos: Amazon’s goal is to make it ‘irresponsible’ to not be a Prime member – GeekWire

Strategies Used By Amazon

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Analysis of Amazon’s Corporate Strategy

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Facts About Amazon

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The Impact Amazon has on The Retail Industry

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Amazon Founders

Jeff Bezos – Wikipedia

Jeff Bezos – Amazon, Wealth & Family – Biography

How Amazon founder Jeff Bezos went from the son of a teen mom to the world’s richest person

Jeff Bezos | Biography & Facts | Britannica.com

Amazon Reports And Financial Statements

Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) Income Statement – NASDAQ.com

Amazon Financial Statements 2005-2019 | AMZN | MacroTrends

AMZN Financial Statements – Amazon.com Inc. – Wall Street Journal

Amazon Employee Relations

What can Amazon teach us about workplace relations

Jeff Bezos and Amazon Employees Join Debate Over Its Culture – The New York Times

Exploited Amazon workers need a union. When will they get one? | Michael Sainato | Opinion | The Guardian

Amazon employee reaction to HR programs Connections, Forte

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Amazon Divisions And Subsidiaries

Amazon’s Top Companies and Brands

All the companies in Jeff Bezos’s empire, in one (large) chart – MarketWatch

The Complete Guide To Everything Owned By Amazon – Nasdaq.com

Amazon Ownership & Investors

The Top 4 Amazon Shareholders

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AMZN – Amazon.com Inc Shareholders – CNNMoney.com

Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) Stock Major Holders

The Main Competitors of Amazon

Who are Amazon’s (AMZN) main competitors?

These Stocks Are Amazon’s Biggest Competitors — The Motley Fool

Amazon Competitors – Top 17 Amazon Competitors analysed

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy of Amazon – Amazon marketing strategy

Amazon Marketing Strategy 2018 – The Ultimate Overview | Sellics

Amazon’s marketing strategy: 5 ways to win on social – Talkwalker

Amazon Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning: Widest Range of Target Customer Segment – Research-Methodology

Products & Services Offered By Amazon

List of Amazon products and services – Wikipedia

Over 71 Amazon Products & Services You Probably Don’t Know

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How Many Products Does Amazon Sell Worldwide – October 2017

The Reputation of Amazon

Amazon reputation falls in annual ranking – Business Insider

Amazon holds top spot in brand reputation survey for third straight year; Apple, Google see big drops – GeekWire

Amazon Complaints

Amazon.com | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Top 5,570 Reviews about Amazon.com

Amazon.com Customer Service, Complaints and Reviews

Amazon Suspension: Types of Complaints – Amazon Sellers Lawyer || Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Amazon Failures

Amazon products and services that failed or were discontinued – Business Insider

Here Are 10 of Amazon’s (AMZN) Biggest Failures – TheStreet

Jeff Bezos warns Amazon will have ‘multibillion-dollar failures’

Inside The Success of Amazon

7 Reasons Why Amazon Is So Successful | Snap Agency

These Tools Are Why Amazon Is Successful

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: Why success depends on not always being efficient

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