Apple Inc: These Authors Tell The Whole Story

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A Collection of Articles To Tell The Story of Apple

It was April 1976 when the idea for one of the most influential tech companies was born. Back then, I doubt the founders, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and (Ronald Wayne, who sold his shares after just 12 days) could have ever imagined that 32 years later their startup would become the first company to be worth 1 trillion dollars and have a dramatic effect on life as it is today!

Apple has come a long way from the Apple I. It’s mind-boggling, now you have a computer, camera, digital recorder, mp3 player, access to the internet, a personal assistant, and basically your whole office in your pocket.

If you were around to use the apple IIe as I did, you can see things the way I do. Back in those days, computers were very limited by memory, disk space, and applications. I can remember when I purchased a computer with 1MB of ram at the time it was state of the art.

The world has changed and Apple is a big part of that change.

This post covers Apple Inc from its birth to the present day. Have a look at the articles included in this post, covering a broad range of topics from its history to where the company is today.



History of Apple: The story of Steve Jobs and the company he founded – Macworld UK

The History of Apple Computers

The history of Apple in photos – Business Insider

History of Apple: Facts and What’s Happening in 2018 – TheStreet

Apple Inc. | American company | Britannica.com


Steve Jobs | Biography, Apple, & Facts | Britannica.com

Steve Wozniak | Biography & Facts | Britannica.com

Ronald Wayne – Wikipedia

Jobs, Wozniak — and Wayne? What happened to the third co-founder of Apple – CBS News

Today in Apple history: Apple founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ron Wayne


Apple Leadership – Apple

Here are all the Apple executives that have left the iPhone maker – Business Insider

Angela Ahrendts: The life and rise of Apple’s highest-paid executive – Business Insider

Apple Inc Executive Salaries & Other Compensation | Salary.com

List of Senior Apple Executives Who Have Left Recently – The Mac Observer

Mission Statement

Apple Mission Statement and Vision Statement In A Nutshell – FourWeekMBA

Apple Inc.’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement (An Analysis) – Panmore Institute

How Apple’s Current Mission Differs from Steve Jobs’ ideals

What Is Apple’s Mission Statement?

Apple’s ‘Mission Statement’ – Business Insider

Company Goals

Strategic Goals of Apple Inc Based on Apples current vision and mission

Apple Inc Objectives and Strategies – Brandon Burnette

Apple’s (AAPL) Ambitious Goals for This Key Business May Take Longer Than Anyone Expects – TheStreet

Business Strategies

Apple Business Strategy: a brief overview – Research-Methodology

Apple Business Strategy: a brief overview – Research-Methodology

A Look At Apple’s Business Strategy For The Coming Years – FourWeekMBA

Apple Inc.’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies – Panmore Institute

The Business Strategy of Apple: A Concise Analysis | Profolus

What is Apple’s strategy? – The Startup – Medium



20 Astonishing Facts About Apple | The Fact Site

21 Surprising-to-Bizarre Facts About Apple | Inc.com

Apple Fast Facts – CNN

17 incredible facts about Apple – Business Insider

10 amazing facts about Apple, which has become a trillion-dollar company

43 Innovative Facts About Apple

33 Amazing facts about Apple Inc – Spinfold

The Impact of Apple on The Tech Industry?

Before / Apple / After: How Apple Has Led The Tech Industry Every Step Of The Way [Gallery] | Cult of Mac

10 Ways Apple has Changed the Technology World – Digital Trike

From Macs to iPods and apps: how Apple revolutionised technology | Technology | The Guardian

The Technology 202: Apple just became the tech industry’s de facto privacy cop – The Washington Post

10 ways Apple really has changed the (tech) world | InfoWorld

The Economic Impact of Apple

Apple’s Impact on U.S. Economy Detailed in New Website | Fortune

Economic Impact of Apple – AngelouEconomics

Apple accelerates US investment and job creation – Apple

Is The Global Economy Half The Apple It Used To Be?

Apple commits to contribute over $350 billion into US economy over the next five years – The Verge

Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact

Apple steps up effort to emphasize its economic impact

Reports and Financial Statements

Apple – Investor Relations

Apple Financial Statements 2005-2019 | AAPL | MacroTrends

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Income Statement – NASDAQ.com

AAPL Financial Statements – Apple Inc. – Wall Street Journal

AAPL | Apple Inc. Annual Income Statement | MarketWatch

Employee Relations

Apple employees describe the best and worst things about working for Apple – Business Insider

An Apple a Day: Why Building Positive Employee Relations Can Keep the Outsiders Away – Lexology

Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive

Divisions and Subsidiaries

List of mergers and acquisitions by Apple – Wikipedia

Top 7 Companies Owned by Apple

Ownership and Investors

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Ownership Summary – NASDAQ.com

Who Are the Largest Shareholders of Apple? (AAPL)

AAPL – Apple Inc Shareholders – CNNMoney.com

Who Owns Apple? | FourWeekMBA

What Does Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Ownership Structure Look Like? – Simply Wall St News


The Top 11 Apple Competitors – Competitor Analysis of Apple

Who Are Apple’s Main Competitors in Tech?

Who are the main competitors of Apple

Marketing Strategies

7 Key Strategies That You Must Learn from Apple’s Marketing

Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc – Apple Marketing strategy

Apple’s Marketing Strategy: 10 Important Things To Know

10 Things You Need to Learn From Apple’s Marketing

Apple Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning – Research-Methodology

Why is Apple’s Marketing Just So Darn Good?

Products and Services

List of Apple’s Hardware, Operating System and Softwares | Apple Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Company Culture

Apple Inc.’s Organizational Culture & Its Characteristics (An Analysis) – Panmore Institute

10 Things We Can Learn from Apple’s Company Culture

Inclusion & Diversity – Apple

Apple Organizational Culture – Secrecy and Maximum Benefit from Human Resources – Research-Methodology

Steve Jobs, Apple, And The Importance Of Company Culture

How I survived and thrived in Apple’s environment of super-secrecy – Vox


Why has Apple’s reputation taken a nose dive? | ZDNet

The rise and sudden fall of Apple’s brand reputation | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

In a new Reputation Survey, Apple was listed as the 8th Best International Brand Operating in China – Patently Apple

Apple’s Reputation Tested by Latest Revelations | Tom’s Guide

Apple’s Corporate Reputation Falling Behind Google, Microsoft | Fortune


Apple Inc. | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Apple stands in the global antitrust crosshairs – POLITICO

Apple Inc. litigation – Wikipedia

Apple accused in U.S. lawsuit of securities fraud over iPhone sales in China – Reuters

Apple faces class-action lawsuits over slowed-down iPhones – Los Angeles Times


15 Biggest Apple Fails of All Time | Tom’s Guide

Apple’s biggest product disasters of all time – BGR

How Apple spun success out of its every failure

Apple’s greatest failures – from AirPower to the Pippin


The Story Behind Apple’s Success

Five big things that have made Apple – BBC News

6 Reasons Why Apple Is So Successful | TIME.com

The No. 1 reason Apple has been so successful can be traced to Steve Jobs

6 Reasons Why Apple Is So Successful | TIME.com

The No. 1 reason Apple has been so successful can be traced to Steve Jobs

Articles of Interest

Apple Turns 40: Reflecting on Four Decades of History – MacRumors

The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Apple: A Brief History

10 facts about the Apple-1, the machine that made computing history – CNET

Apple Store Secrets & Horror Stories Revealed by Former Employees – Thrillist

Apple MacBook keyboards continue to be a problem — Quartz

Apple’s origins: An oral history from inside the loop – CNET

Best Apple News Sites 2019 – Popular Apple News & Blogs

20+ Websites Every Apple Fan Must Bookmark

Macworld – News, tips, and reviews from the Apple experts

Must watch movies about Apple and Steve Jobs – Macworld UK


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