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When you hear the name Boeing you think jets because it is the largest manufacturer of commercial jets. What started off as a hobby, turned into one of the world’s largest high-tech manufacturer of commercial jets, military aircraft, helicopters, space vehicles, and missiles.

Compared to the early days of air travel, today’s jets are comfortable, safer, quicker, and make travel a way of life, thanks to the contributions brought to us by Boeing.

In the days before Boeing, overseas travel would be a 6-month journey and there was a chance you wouldn’t make it to your destination alive. Compare that to today’s overseas travel with most flights from Europe to the States in around 8 hours, you will never again complain about a long flight when you compare it to a 6-month boat trip across the pacific.

On most of today’s overseas flights, you can watch a movie, connect to WIFI, listen to music, play games, and more. If you’re lucky enough to land a first-class ticket you can sleep from the departure to destination comfortably and arrive fully refreshed.

The company was founded in 1916 by William E. Boeing under the name of Aero Products Company. The company received a lot of orders during the war and went through hard times at the end of the war.

Boeing was paying $700 a week out of his pocket to pay his employees and had to find a way to get revenue to keep the company running. The focus was set on manufacturing furniture until things picked up and orders started coming in.

Looking back at its humble beginnings I don’t think that William Boeing could have ever imagined the company as it is today, nor would he ever imagine the creation of the 747 Jumbo Jet manufactured in the 70s that dominated international air travel with the capacity of 400 passengers or that his company would contribute to innovations in space.

For the complete story of Boeing and the many transformations the company went through, have a look at the resources to follow that will give you facts, a glimpse of the company history, a look at the financials of the company, and the contributions the company has made to the aerospace industry.



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