Canadian Tire Company Profile: Here’s The Whole Story

August 1, 2019 635 views

A Group of Authors Tell The Story of Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is one of my favorite stores. It offers a wide selection of affordable tools for the handyman as well as professionals. It also has a wide selection of hardware items, plus sports, leisure, and home products.

In Addition to retail, Canadian tire offers automotive parts and services at its locations. It also has subsidiaries you can read more about in the resources below.

It’s one of the few large Canadian retail companies left. Today the head office is located in Toronto Canada.

It has an interesting history starting back in the early nineteen hundreds under a different name and location.

In 1934, the first store opened in Hamilton Ontario, and in 1937 the company moved into the new main store at 837 Yonge Street in Toronto, which was the Grand Central Market; this store remains a part of the chain today.

Have a look at the resources included in this post that give the full story behind the success of this Canadian Retailer.



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