These Resources Tell the Complete Story of Dell Computers

January 8, 2020 357 views

The Complete Story of Dell Computers


Dell had a small start with an initial investment of one thousand dollars and grew to a multibillion-dollar company. It started while Michael Dell was attending the University of Texas back in 1984 when he decided to start PC’s Limited.

Points of Interest:

Michael dropped out of college at the age of 19 to run his business full-time. That same year, he began to build PCs. By the second half of his freshman year, he had already sold computers worth $80,000.

The PC’s Limited released its first computer, Turbo PC, using Michael’s design. The designs were in such high demand that the company expanded quickly.

Micheal renamed the company in 1998 to Dell Computer Corporation.

The following year, Dell released its first notebook computer, “316LT,” and as the year progressed, the company advanced in mobile technology.

In 1992, Dell made the Fortune 500 Company List, which is less than a decade after Michael began the company.

Dell was the first company to provide lasting lithium-ion batteries for its computers.

In 1996, Dell began using an online platform giving Dell the edge to replace Compaq Computer Corporation as the largest PC seller in the US.

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