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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of Google

The mission

to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Can you imagine the web without Google? Can you remember the days when you had to rely on Excite, Yahoo!, WebCrawler, Lycos, Infoseek, and AltaVista?

In those days the search results were plentiful, but not accurate. The search engines would retrieve a long list of results but many of the results were inaccurate then Google (starting off as “BackRub,”) came along and the search results that were relevant. Now, you could find what you were looking for.

It was all due to the Google algorithm, PageRank,  that involved using links pointing to a page to determine its popularity and relevance. Think of it as a voting system. If a variety of pages pointed to a page using similar anchor text (the text used in the hyperlink) then that page was popular and relevant to what the anchor text described.

Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim was so impressed with the search engine that he wrote out a check for $100,000 made out to Google Inc. Which remained uncashed until the two co-founders incorporated their newly formed company Google Inc. on September 4, 1998. Google opened its first office in Menlo Park, California.

Google filed for and received a patent for “PageRank” in 2001 invented by Larry page. The company also relocated to near Palo Alto.

In 2015 Google was restructured under a conglomerate named Alphabet With Sergey Brin as President, and Larry Page as CEO. In Addition to its highly successful search engine,

Google has created and acquired many innovative and useful products such as:

        • Gmail
        • Youtube
        • Google Docs
        • Maps
        • Android OS
        • Analytics
        • Adsense
        • Adwords
        • Google Books
        • Google Translate
        • Blogger
        • See the complete list in the resources to follow

For the complete story of one of the world’s most successful tech startups see the following resources.

Sections in this post

      • The History of Google
      • Google Founders
      • Google Executives
      • The Google Mission Statement
      • Business Strategies Used By Google
      • Facts About Google
      • The Impact of Google on The Tech Industry?
      • The Economic Impact of Google
      • Google Reports And Financial Statements
      • Revenue Strategies
      • Google Employee Relations
      • Google Divisions And Subsidiaries
      • Google Ownership And Investors
      • The Main Competitors of Google
      • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
      • Products & Services Offered By Google
      • Google Company Culture
      • The Reputation of Google
      • Google Company Complaints
      • Google Failures
      • Inside The Success of Google
      • Google Articles And Stories of Interest
      • Books Related to Google
      • The Latest About Google
      • Tweets Related To Google
      • Videos Related To Google

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The History of Google

A company’s history is interesting. You can learn when it was established, its original operations, and how it has changed since the startup phase as well as the challenges the company may have faced.

History of Google: How It Began and What’s Happening Beyond 2019 – TheStreet

The History of Google and How It Was Invented

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Google’s History

Google Inc. | History & Facts | Britannica.com

A look at the history of Google and how it was founded

The History of Google | Internet History Podcast

Google Founders

This section focuses on the people that started the company. You can gain insights into their goals, ideas, foresight, and how they started the company.

Have a look at the following resources included in this post related to Google founders.

Google founders Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s cars, yachts, houses – Business Insider

How we started and where we are today | Google

Google Co-founders

Co-founders of Google

Google Executives

In the executive section, you’ll find information related to the management of Google. Management decisions play an important role in a company’s success. It’s not luck that makes a company successful, but planning, strategy, and leadership.

Below are resources related to the executives of Google.

Google CEO and Key Executive Team | Craft.co

Former Google executives Eric Schmidt and Diane Greene to leave Alphabet’s board | VentureBeat

GOOG Company Profile & Executives – Alphabet Inc. Cl C – Wall Street Journal

The Google Mission Statement

A mission statement helps a company stay on track and focus on its goals, culture, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

A mission statement is for company employees as well as the public. It’s usually a broad description of the company’s focus and activities.

A company’s mission statement is the company’s public face, and it is commonly used in marketing materials.

Below are the resources I have included related the mission statement for Google

Google’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement (An Analysis) – Panmore Institute

How Google Search Works | Our Mission

Google mission statement 2013 – Strategic Management Insight

Google Mission Statement and Vision Statement In A Nutshell | FourWeekMBA

Google Business Profile and Mission Statement

Business Strategies Used By Google

In this section, can get a glimpse of the strategist used by the company. The strategy a company uses can be the difference between success, failure, a mediocre business, or a huge success story.

Below you’ll see the resources included related to business strategies used by Google

Google’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies – Panmore Institute

Google Couldn’t Survive with One Strategy

Google’s Strategy – Business Insider

Google’s Business Strategy: Have No Business Strategy

Google’s Three-Pronged Enterprise Strategy

The business strategy of Google | Version Daily

Facts About Google

In this section, you’ll find facts about the company. I like going through the facts because in a page or two you can learn a lot about the company and if you find something that’s really interesting you can dig deeper.

Have a look at the resources below included in this post related to Google facts.

19 Crazy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Google

15 Fascinating Facts About Google Most People Don’t Know

50 Fascinating Facts About Google You Probably Don’t Know – Hongkiat

Google Fast Facts – CNN

50 Amazing and interesting facts about Google – Spinfold

26 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Google | WordStream

The Impact of Google on The Tech Industry?

This section focuses on the impact Google has made on the Tech industry, whether it is positive or negative. It’s interesting to see how a company can make a change in the entire industry.

See the resources I have selected that are related to how Google has affected the Tech industry.

VentureNet | Google’s Influence in the Digital Age

Three Data Regulatory Issues Facing Google and the Tech Industry | Fortune

Google, Not the Government, Is Building the Future – The New York Times

Google, Facebook, Amazon on trial as House panel begins investigation

The Economic Impact of Google

This section focuses on how Google has affected the economy locally or globally. A company that can impact an economy is one to note.

See the following resources related to the impact Google has on the economy.

Google’s Ever-Growing Impact on the Global Economy | U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Google’s Impact on the Economy – Making of a Millionaire – Medium

Google Claims $80 Billion of Economic Impact on U.S. Economy – Search Engine Journal

Google Reports And Financial Statements

In this section, you can find out information such as the company’s profits, losses, net worth, liabilities, shares, owner’s equity, etc. that is available to the general public.

Have a look at the resources included below.

Finance – Google Search

Google’s 5 Key Financial Ratios (GOOG)

Google Finance – Wikipedia

Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) Stock Price, Quote, History & News

Introduction to How Google Finance Works | HowStuffWorks

Revenue Strategies

This section focuses on the main revenue sources the company targets, for some companies, it’s one main source for others it’s multiple sources of revenue.

Have a look at the resources to follow to give you an overview of the revenue strategies used by Google.

How Google Makes Money? – Revenues & Profits

How Google Makes Money (GOOG)

Four ways Google makes money outside of advertising – TechRepublic

Google Employee Relations


How Google’s Strategy For Happy Employees Boosts Its Bottom Line

How Google motivates its employees

Google launches new employee portal for reporting workplace issues – Business Insider

How to improve employee experience the Google way

Google Divisions And Subsidiaries

The division of a company is a part of a business entity. In other words, even if a division operates under a different name it’s still part of the entity.

A subsidiary is an entirely different company, usually owned by a larger company.

Have a look at the resources for Google subsidiaries and Divisions.

List of mergers and acquisitions by Alphabet – Wikipedia

Top 4 Companies Owned by Google

Google’s 30 US Subsidiaries & Google’s International Companies – Search Engine Journal

Every division under Google’s parent company, Alphabet – Business Insider

List of Subsidiaries of Registrant

Top 10 Companies and Brands Owned by Google as of 2017 – Stash Learn

Alphabet company list: Everything housed under Google’s parent company – Business Insider

Google Ownership And Investors

In this section, you’ll find resources related to ownership, investors, and shares, related to Google. Below you’ll find the resources I have included for this post.

Who Owns Google? | FourWeekMBA

The Angel Investors behind Google

The A to Z of Alphabet, the company that now owns Google – The Verge

The Main Competitors of Google

This section focuses on direct and indirect competition for Google. Competition is good it drives innovation. If it wasn’t for competition businesses wouldn’t have to try so hard for your business.

Competition makes managers and owners come up with better ideas for products and services and providing the best prices they can.

Below you can browse through the resources related to the main competition for Google.

Main Competitors of Google

Competitive threats to Google, and what they mean for you – Search Engine Land

Who Are Google’s Main Competitors?

Search Engines That Compete With Google

Google’s Eric Schmidt: Our biggest search competitor is Amazon — not Microsoft or Yahoo – GeekWire

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

This section focuses on the target market and the marketing strategies used. Just as above targeting is an important process and without it your focus will be too broad and you won’t be able to zero in on the right marketing techniques.

The marketing strategy used by a company can make or break it. The right strategy can make millions while a poor marketing strategy can end up in bankruptcy.

Marketing Strategy of Google – Google Marketing Strategy

Everybody On The Planet Is Our Target Audience: Google Marketing Boss – B&T

Google marketing goals & media strategy – Think with Google

What are Google’s Marketing Strategies?

Products & Services Offered By Google

This section offer resources related to core products and services offered by Google. Many large corporations have a large variety of products and services.

Some companies are so large and complex that they deal in a variety of industries that operate on a global level, which is known as conglomerates.

Have a look at the resources below for products and services offered by Google.

A List Of Google Products – Business Insider

List of Google products – Wikipedia

Our products | Google

A List Of Google Products – Business Insider

Over 251 Google Products & Services You Probably Don’t Know

Google Company Culture

Here’s where you can gain an idea about the culture of the company. A Company’s culture includes the work environment, company values, expectations, ethics, and more.

See the resources included in this post for the culture of Google

Council Post: 13 Reasons Google Deserves Its ‘Best Company Culture’ Award

All the Things that Google’s Company Culture Gets Right – Peakon

10 Great Examples of Google’s Company Culture

Inside Google’s Culture of Success and Employee Happiness

Google Company Culture | HowStuffWorks

The Reputation of Google

In the resources below, you’ll find information related to the reputation of Google. You’ll get insights as to how the company is viewed by the general public. A companies reputation is important a bad reputation can result in huge losses and the loss of public trust. A company’s reputation is an asset to any company and it’s important to maintain it.

The World’s Most Reputable Companies For Corporate Responsibility 2018

Google Tops Reputation Rankings for Corporate Responsibility | Civic | US News

As Google turns 20, its reputation is at risk

Google Has A Better Reputation Than Apple, Microsoft, Or Any Other Company – Business Insider

Google has the best reputation of any company in the world – report | ITworld

Google Company Complaints

In this section, you can go through the resources to view the complaints, whether the complaints lead to a lawsuit or a viral rant, have a look at the complaints people have against Google.

Google litigation – Wikipedia

Google Failures

Companies go through many phases, some are successful and some are miserable failures. Even though a company has failures, it’s a learning experience for management as well as other people.

Below are the resources I have included for this post related to Google failures.

Google’s top 10 failures – Electronic Products

Google’s Product Failures (Updated 2018) — Lewis C. Lin

Top 50 failed Google products ranked from best to worst

10 Failed Google Projects | HowStuffWorks

Google Failures and What We Can Learn from Them | BuildThis

5 Google Products That Failed and What Startups Can Learn From It

Google Fails 36% Of The Time – The Next Web

Inside The Success of Google

Success can be the result of a small idea that was executed extremely well at other times it may be the result of a long term vision.

It’s interesting to study the success of companies and how people have dealt with managing a company that started off small and grew into a huge success story.

Have a look at the resources I have included in this post related to the success of Google.

4 Keys To Google’s Success – VentureBlog

The Story Behind Google’s Success

How did Google become the world’s most valuable company? – BBC News

Google’s Two Secrets of Success

Google Articles And Stories of Interest

In this section, you’ll find a mix of articles worth mentioning in this post related to Google.

Have a look at what’s included for this post related to Google.

10 Crazy Stories About Google’s Early Days From An Insider Who Was There – Business Insider

Google: Who Were The People In That 1999 Video? – Business Insider

6 Reasons Working at Google Isn’t Right for Most People | Inc.com

Google Jobs – Ramya Raghavan Digital Trends Google Plus

Books Related to Google

Some companies are a huge success story or a miserable failure, with many lessons to learn. Have a look at books people have written for a complete overview.

Have a look at the links below to view the books available related to Google

Books From Amazon Related To Google

Google Book Search Related To Google

The Latest About Google

In this section, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest information related to Google including the latest news, Google searches, videos, what people are tweeting, and more.

I recommend spending some time on the news, tweets, that can offer up-to-the-minute information about Google.

Google Searches

Latest Searches Related To Google

Latest Scholar Searches Related To Google

Latest Image Searches Related to Google


Latest News Related To Google


Tweets Related To Google


Videos Related To Google