The Story of Hewlett Packard, These Unique Resources Tell All

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The Complete Story of Hewlett Packard

This page contains an abundant amount of articles related to the history of HP, as well as the state of the company as it is today, but before you get to that section, here are a few brief points.

It was January 31, 1939, in a Palo Alto garage, when William R. Hewlett and David Packard established HP with a total investment of $538, equivalent to $9,875 in 2020. The flip of the coin decided the order of the founders’ names for the official company name.

Little did they know, their garage startup would turn into a multi-billion-dollar company with net revenues of over $58 billion in 2018.

As you may already know, HP has a popular line of computers. They also have a popular line of home printers. I am a fan of the printers and have been one since the early 90s. When it was either Epson or HP, for me HP was always my choice.

I’m not a fan of the HP computers. I had a laptop, and it was so slow I never purchased another HP computer — and besides, I’m more of a Dell guy!

Here are a few interesting facts about Hewlett-Packard:

  • The Palo Alto garage was the template for Silicon Valley startups. The garage where HP was founded is now deemed as a state historical landmark.
  • The company was a pioneer in the laid-back management style that allowed people to use first names and come and chat without an appointment. Back in the mid-1900s in large companies, it was traditional to make an appointment and address people using Mr., Miss, Mrs., etc. and their last name.
  • HP was the company that purchased Compaq computers. Compaq is the startup that took on IBM and made its mark in history. A while after HP took over Compaq, HP killed off the brand.
  • The earliest internal email system was developed by HP Limited in the UK.
  • The HP-35 Handheld calculator from 1972 has been named one of the 20 products that changed the world.
  • HP brought the first LED to market way back in 1968.
  • HP was the first to bring the mass-market laser printer to the market back in 1980.

More facts in the facts section below.

For the complete story of this long-running business success story, have a look at the resources that offer the whole story, organized in sections for your convenience.


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