Home Depot Company Profile: Authors Reveal The Whole Story

October 6, 2019 560 views

A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of Home Depot

This post contains resources from across the web that will give you the whole story of how this idea dreamed up in a coffee shop, became America’s largest home improvement retailer, but first a brief introduction.


With revenue of over $108 Billion in 2019 and employing over 400,000 people, Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States. Operating as a big-box format retailer the company offers a wide variety of home improvement items from top brands as well as its own brand names.

Some of the categories the company provides include; garden supplies, appliances, paint, lumber, tools, plumbing supplies, building materials, kitchen and bath products, flooring, hardware, electrical supplies, and more.

Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank were fired during a corporate power struggle at Handy Dan in 1978. While in a coffee shop in Los Angeles they came up with the idea of The Home Depot.

The core idea was what they call the “bill of rights,” consisting of the best variety of products, enough quantities of stock, great pricing, and the help of trained qualified sales associates to help customers find the right product for their needs as well as offer advice for their home improvement and repair projects.

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