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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of Intel

This post is made up of a unique collection of hand-picked articles to give you an inside look into the Intel Corporation. You’ll have a lot of knowledge if you spend the time going through the articles. Before you get to the article section here’s a brief Introduction:


As one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, Intel was founded in July of 1968 by physicist Robert Noyce and chemist Gordon Moore. The company opened its doors with substantial funding of 2.5 million, (equivalent to 19 Million in 2020) arranged by Arthur Rock.

The company was initially named “Moore Noyce.” and changed to “NM Electronics,” soon to be changed to Intel which is the use of a combination of letters from the words “Integrated” and “Electronics”

With the total revenue for the first year of $2,672, I’m sure the founders couldn’t have imagined at the time that this would be one of the most successful companies in history and the company that would make significant contributions to today’s technological world. Nor would they have imagined that their soon to be invented x86 microprocessor would be a major contributor to the success of the personal computer industry.

The year Intel became a public company 1971, EPROM was invented, which is an erasable programmable read-only memory chip that retains data even when the power supply is off. This was a significant breakthrough in data retention and lead to many innovations.

As the demand for computer speed grew, so did the company. New CPU’s were being created with more transistors, for example in 1983, the 8088 used in the first IBM PCs had 29,000 transistors while the Itanium 9500, released in 2012, had 3,100,000,000 transistors. The design and number of transistors in today’s CPU’s is astonishing.

There is so much to know about this company, especially if you get into the nitty-gritty for example, product specifications for each chip invented will fill shelves in a library with technical information.

Have a look at the interesting journey of this successful tech company that has had a huge influence on life today as we know it. Using the resources below, organized in sections for your convenience, you’ll find out about Intel’s history, the founders, the company’s financials, employee relations, and more.

Sections In This Post:

  • The History of Intel
  • Intel Founders
  • Intel Executives
  • The Intel Mission Statement
  • Intel Divisions And Subsidiaries
  • Intel Ownership And Investors
  • Facts About Intel
  • Intel Reports And Financial Statements
  • Business Strategies Used By Intel
  • Revenue Strategies
  • The Main Competitors of Intel
  • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
  • Products & Services Offered By Intel
  • Intel Employee Relations
  • Intel Company Culture
  • The Reputation of Intel
  • Intel Company Complaints
  • Intel Failures
  • Inside The Success of Intel
  • Intel Articles And Stories of Interest
  • Books Related to Intel
  • The Latest About Intel
  • Latest News Related To Intel
  • Tweets Related To Intel
  • Videos Related To Intel

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