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The Complete Story of KFC

Sometimes from hardship comes something good: this is the case with the Colonel. His father passed when he was only six years old, and with his mother gone for days at a time to work in a canning factory, the young Harland Sanders learned to cook and take care of his siblings.

Harland opened a service station on route 24 in Corbin, Kentucky. During that time, he made some money on the side by providing hot meals to passing drivers. His delicious meals soon caught on, and word spread, earning him the title of “Honorary Colonel,” from governor Albert Benjamin, nicknamed  “Happy” Chandler.

Soon after his side orders took off, he rebuilt the station to become a restaurant and motel.

The KFC recipe is still a secret to this day and kept under lock and chain. The Colonel kept the blend of eleven herbs and spices all in his head. Only a few members of the company know what the recipe is, and even their names are not public. Outsiders have not been able to match the recipe, and that makes it even more valuable.

Interesting Facts about Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Colonel:

  • In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.
  • In 1952, the KFC Franchise was born, and it has gone from its first franchised location in Salt Lake City to locations around the world today.
  • In 1964, there were already 600 locations in the United States.
    The Colonel sold his empire back in 1964 for $2 million — equivalent to $16 million in 2020.
  • Colonel Sanders remained active in the marketing campaigns for the company until his death in 1980.
  • KFC gravy was changed from its original recipe back before the ’70s so that it was easier to make — the Colonel was not impressed.
  • To further protect the company’s secret recipe, the blend is supplied by two different companies.
  • Over the years, the Colonel’s suit became part of the trademark. It sold to the president of Japan for just over $21,000.
  • More facts in the resource section to follow.

In the resource section, you’ll find an abundant amount of information from the humble beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken to its massive net worth today. You’ll also get a glimpse into the life of the Colonel.


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