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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of Microsoft

April 4th, 1975 was the day Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The birth of a soon to be a software giant and one of the most influential companies in software development.

I’m sure Bill & Paul had no idea at the time of the successful Microsoft would be and the effect it would have on people’s lives.

In its humble beginnings, the main activities were to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. The first breakthrough was MS-DOS (Disk Operating System) this was a system that allowed you to access and manage files as well as run programs on a personal computer.

Bill Gates made a deal with IBM to supply them with the operating system that would run the IBM PC and that was the breakthrough Microsoft needed to become dominant in the marketplace.

The second breakthrough was the release of Microsoft Windows along with its Office suite that is used by businesses, professionals, and personal users around the world.

Today Microsoft remains a leader in the software realm and still growing.

Microsoft did miss the boat when it came to the web and its search engine now called Bing with around 14% Market share which could have been a lot stronger if it would have positioned it’s self a lot quicker during the early days of the web.

For the complete story of Microsoft and the latest information related to this huge success story see the sections below for the resources that reveal the full story.

The History of Microsoft

A company’s history is interesting. You can learn when the company was established, its original operations and how it’s changed since the startup phase as well as the challenges the company may have faced.

Microsoft founded – HISTORY

History of Microsoft – Wikipedia

Microsoft Corporation | History, Products, & Facts | Britannica.com

A Short History of Microsoft

10 Amazing Moments in Microsoft’s History, From Its Founding to Desktop Dominance to Today

The History of Microsoft: How did it become one of the most valuable companies on earth? | BT

The Microsoft Mission Statement

A mission statement helps a company stay on track and focus on its goals, culture and ensures everyone is on the same page.

A mission statement is for company employees as well as the public. It’s usually a broad description of the company’s focus and activities.

A company’s mission statement is the company’s public face, and it is commonly used in marketing materials.

Below are the resources I have included related the mission statement for Microsoft

Microsoft’s Mission Statement & Vision Statement (An Analysis) – Panmore Institute

Company Values | Microsoft

Microsoft’s new corporate vision: artificial intelligence is in and mobile is out – GeekWire

Microsoft Mission, Vision & Values | Comparably

Company Goals

In this section, you can view the goals set by the company. Goals are important to help management stay on track and work to achieve the set goals.
Below you’ll see the resources I have found related to the organization’s goals.

Microsoft: Here Are the Company’s 3 Biggest Goals | Fortune

Goals and Objectives – Bill Gates

Microsoft CEO lays out new mission: it’s all about empowerment | TechRadar

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s master plan – Business Insider

Strategies Used By Microsoft

In this section, can gain an idea of the strategist used by the company. The strategy a company uses can the difference between success and failure, a mediocre business or a huge success story.

Below you’ll see the resources included related to business strategies used by Microsoft

Microsoft Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage – Research-Methodology

Microsoft Corporation’s Generic & Intensive Growth Strategies – Panmore Institute

Digication ePortfolio: Microsoft’s Technology in the Workforce: Corporate and Business Level Strategy

Microsoft’s Business Strategy Depends on Hooking Consumers to the Cloud — Redmondmag.com

Microsoft Strategy Teardown

Marketing strategy of Microsoft – Microsoft strategy

7 Reasons to Give Microsoft’s Strategy Another Look

Facts About Microsoft

You’ll find facts about the company that may or may not be known to the general public. Have a look at the resources below included in this post related to Microsoft facts

6 Fun Facts About Microsoft That You Probably Don’t Know! – Arkware

18 facts about Microsoft – Business Insider

20 Facts You Never Knew About Microsoft

30 Surprising Facts About Microsoft | The Fact Site

The Impact Microsoft Had on The Software Industry & The World?

This section focuses on the impact Microsoft has made on the software industry and the world, whether it is positive or negative. It’s interesting to see how a company can make a change on our lives.

How Microsoft’s technological and social impacts have changed the world | Windows Central

Yes, Microsoft Did Change The World More Than Apple – Business Insider

Windows 95 at 20: how Bill Gates’ software changed the world – Telegraph

5 ways Microsoft changed the World in 40 years

How Bill Gates Impacted And Shaped Technology In The United… | Cram

Microsoft Founders

This section focuses on the people that started the company. You can gain insights on their goals, ideas, foresight, and where they started compared to where the company is today.

Have a look at the following resources included in this post related to Microsoft founders.

The first 11 Microsoft employees: Where are they now? – Business Insider

Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen met in high school

Founding of Microsoft (Famous Photo) – On This Day

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen helped change the world – The Verge

Bill Gates – Microsoft, Family & Quotes – Biography

Microsoft Executives

In the executive section, you’ll find information related to the management of Microsoft. Management decisions play an important role in a company’s success. It’s not luck that makes a company successful, but planning, strategy, and leadership.

Below are resources related to the executives of Microsoft.

Directors & Officers

MSFT Company Profile & Executives – Microsoft Corp. – Wall Street Journal

Executive Salaries & Other Compensation | Salary.com

Microsoft Reports And Financial Statements

In this section, you can find out information such as the company’s profits, losses, net worth, liabilities, shares, owner’s equity, etc. that is available to the general public.
Have a look at the resources included below.

Microsoft Annual Report 2018

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Income Statement

Microsoft Financial Statements 2005-2019 | MSFT | MacroTrends

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Income Statement – NASDAQ.com

Microsoft Employee Relations

In this section, you can find resources related to the number of employees Microsoft employs as well as other useful employee information such as job satisfaction and labor relations, etc.

Microsoft CEO Nadella announces new HR investigation policies

Microsoft is overhauling how it investigates HR investigations — Quartz at Work

How Microsoft’s human resources culture drove away talent | Technology | The Guardian

5 Best and 5 Worst Things About Working at Microsoft | Inc.com

Microsoft Divisions And Subsidiaries

The division of a company is a part of a business entity. In other words, even if a division operates under a different name it’s still part of the entity.

A subsidiary is an entirely different company, it is separate and usually owned by a larger company.

Have a look at the resources for Microsoft subsidiaries and Divisions.

Category: Microsoft subsidiaries – Wikipedia

List of mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft – Wikipedia

Microsoft Americas Operations Center – Business Divisions

Microsoft Ownership & Investors

In this section, you’ll find resources related to the ownership, investors, and shares related to Microsoft. Below you’ll find the resources I have included for this post.

Top 5 Microsoft Shareholders (MSFT)

Microsoft Investor Relations – Information for Investors

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Ownership Summary – NASDAQ.com

MSFT – Microsoft Corp Shareholders – CNNMoney.com

The Main Competitors of Microsoft

This section focuses on direct and indirect competition for Microsoft. Below you can browse through the resources related to the main competition for Microsoft.

Who are Microsoft’s (MSFT) Main Competitors?

Microsoft Competitors, Revenue and Employees – Owler Company Profile

This 30-year timeline reveals Microsoft’s biggest competitors — Quartz

Target Customers

This section focuses on the customers Microsoft is targeting. Targeting the right customers is an essential part of marketing a successful business. Failure to target the right customers is a recipe for disaster when it comes to business.

Microsoft Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning – Research-Methodology

Marketing strategy of Microsoft – Microsoft strategy

Microsoft Targets Enterprise Clients With Strategic Salesforce Partnership

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

This section focuses on the target market and the marketing strategies used. Just as above targeting is an important process and without it your focus will be too broad and you won’t be able to zero in on the right marketing techniques.

The marketing strategy used can make or break a business. The right strategy can make a company millions while a poor marketing strategy can end up in disaster.

Microsoft Marketing Strategy: a brief overview – Research-Methodology

Inside Microsoft’s Marketing Strategy: 10 Key Insights

The Economic Impact of Microsoft

This section focuses on how Microsoft has affected the economy locally or globally. A company that can impact an economy is one to note.

See the following resources related to the impact Microsoft has on the economy.

Microsoft Has ‘Ripple’ Effect on Washington State Economy – Stories

The Microsoft Economic Impact Study

Products & Services Offered By Microsoft

This section offer resources related to core products and services offered by Microsoft. Many large corporations have a large variety of products and services. Some companies are so large and complex that they deal in a variety of industries that operate on a global level, which is known as conglomerates.

Have a look at the resources below for products and services offered by Microsoft.

Office Products – Microsoft Office

Microsoft services – Wikipedia

Top 10 Microsoft Products of 2015, Rated by Partners — Redmond Channel Partner

Over 71 Microsoft Products, Services, & Apps You Probably Don’t Know

The Reputation of Microsoft

In the resources below, you’ll find information on the reputation of Microsoft. You’ll get insights as to how the company is viewed by the general public.

Microsoft’s reputation grows among Americans and investors. – Barron’s

Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft top the tech world for reputation, but who do you trust? | ZDNet

Microsoft overcame its bad reputation, can Facebook do the same? | CIO Dive

News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals – TechRepublic

Microsoft Complaints

In this section, you can go through the resources to view the complaints, whether the complaints lead to a lawsuit or a viral rant, have a look at the complaints people have against Microsoft.

Top 960 Reviews about Microsoft

Microsoft | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Microsoft Corporation Customer Service, Complaints and Reviews

Microsoft Failures

Companies go through many phases, some are successful and some are miserable failures. Even though a company has failures, it’s a learning experience for management as well as other people.

Below are the resources I have included for this post related to Microsoft failures.

Microsoft’s biggest failures: Clippy Bob and other flops | BT

Microsoft’s 13 worst missteps of all time | InfoWorld

Microsoft’s 15 Biggest Flops of All Time

The biggest Microsoft failures

The Biggest Flops in Microsoft’s History — The Motley Fool

List of failed Microsoft Products

Inside The Success of Microsoft

It’s interesting to study the successes. Sometimes a small idea can lead to great success. At times sticking to core values and applying them to your strategy pays off and at other times being bold and taking chances to turn into huge success stories.

Having a long-term vision and planning while making adjustments along the way can are a driving force to creating a successful business.

Have a look at the resources I have included in this post related to the success of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Keys to Success – How Microsoft Works | HowStuffWorks

The Secret of Microsoft’s Success (And Some Lessons For Apple)

Microsoft shouldn’t feel satisfied with success, Satya Nadella says – Business Insider

How Microsoft has evolved under Satya Nadella

The Real Secret To Microsoft’s Success

The Real Secret Behind CEO Satya Nadella’s Success at Microsoft | Inc.com

Microsoft Success Stories | Microsoft Gold Partner | DynTek

Books Related to Microsoft

Some companies are so successful or a miserable failure and have many lessons to learn from that people have written books related to the rise and fall of companies.

Have a look at the links below to view the books available related to Microsoft

Books From Amazon Related To Microsoft

Google Book Search Related To Microsoft

The Latest About Microsoft

In this section, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest information related to Microsoft including the latest news, Google searches, videos, what people are tweeting, and more.

I recommend spending some time on the news, tweets, that can offer up-to-the-minute information about Microsoft.

Google Searches

Latest Searches Related To Microsoft

Latest Scholar Searches Related To Microsoft

Latest Image Searches Related to Microsoft


Latest News Related To Microsoft


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