Netflix Company Profile: These Authors Tell The Whole Story

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The headquarters of Netflix in Los Gatos

A Collection of Articles To Tell The Story of Netflix

This post contains a long list of articles, offering the complete story of how Netflix became so successful as well as facts and details about the company and people behind it. Before you get to the article section, you’ll get a brief introduction.

August of 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, Reed Hastings, and Marc Randolph, founded Netflix.

Netflix started by renting DVDs by mail. The founders discovered they could ship a DVD for the cost of a stamp and every shipment contained a stamp to return DVD by mail, after viewing it. The customer would also have the option to purchase the DVD at a discounted rate.

In 1999 the company began an online subscription service that allowed the customer to watch as many movies as they wanted, there was a condition of how many movies they have at once. As long as they were within their limit of how many DVD’s they had a once they could return the ones they watched and order different DVDs. This way they could watch as many moves as they wanted.

It was in 2007 that the company came up with online streaming for some of its content. In my opinion, this is a real breakthrough for the company. Most plans offered unlimited streaming and no hassle of returning DVD’s or waiting for new DVDs to arrive in the mail.

Millions of monthly subscribers give the company a healthy stream of revenue most companies can only dream about. This monthly revenue allows the company to makes more licensing deals that allow a steady stream of new content and allows the company to create its own original content that they can stream to their subscribers without the need for licensing fees.

For the complete story see the extensive list of articles to give the complete story or Netflix.

  • The History of Netflix
  • Netflix Founders
  • Netflix Executives
  • The Netflix Mission Statement
  • Netflix Ownership And Investors
  • Facts About Netflix
  • Netflix Reports And Financial Statements
  • Business Strategies Used By Netflix
  • Revenue Strategies
  • The Main Competitors of Netflix
  • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
  • Netflix Employee Relations
  • Netflix Company Culture
  • The Reputation of Netflix
  • Netflix Company Complaints
  • Netflix Failures
  • Inside The Success of Netflix
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