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It started on May 1, 1986, when the company opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts, with backing from private equity firms. Staples Inc is an American office retail company involved in the sale of office supplies and many other related products, via B2B delivery operations, and retail channels.

Asides from selling office supplies and offering tech services, Staples also provides a copy and print center. The services of the center include digital printing, faxing, photocopying, stamps, promotional products, lamination, etc.

Two former employees from the New England retail supermarket founded it, Thomas Stemberg and Leo Kahn.

The idea started one morning in 1985 when Thomas was working on a business proposal. He needed a ribbon for his printer but was unable to buy one because all the shops were closed due to it being Independence Day, and Thomas became very frustrated at the reliance on small stores for important office supplies. From his frustration and his background in retail, he came up with the idea to open an office supply store.

In 1996 the company had reached the “Fortune 500”, as its sales surpassed $3 billion. Soon, it bought the Quill Corporation an online retailer of office supplies for $685 million in cash and stocks.

In 2014, the competition in the e-commerce market grew, and Staples was forced to close down 225 stores in North America. The essence of this was to focus more on e-commerce and cut down $500 million in costs annually.

In the following year 2015, Staples made a move to acquire Office Depot and OfficeMax to increase their net worth and expand, but it was blocked due to antitrust laws by The Federal Trade Commission. Following the failed acquisition, a rival formed between Staples and OfficeMax.

After the purchase fell through, Staples began to make moves to promote its B2B supply business against its brick and mortar outlets.

Staples sold 106 British stores to Hilco Capital for a nominal amount. This was to streamline its international operations after its failed merger. But Hilco stated that once acquired, it would change the name from Staples to Office Outlet, but it would still retain the Staples color scheme.

In 2017, the company was successfully sold to the Sycamore Partners, and then the company split into three different entities sharing the name Staples.

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