Texas Instruments – Here’s The Complete Company Story

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The Story of Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments – Operating in 30 countries, holding over 45,000 patents worldwide, with over 29,000 employees. Through its many transformations has become the biggest manufacturer of analog technology in the world, the second major cellphone chip supplier, the world’s third-biggest manufacturer of semiconductors, after Intel and Samsung, and an impressive a net income of over 3 billion yearly.

The company’s main activities included the manufacturing of calculators, microprocessors, and digital signal processors with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Clarence Karcher and Eugene McDermott founded the company Geophysical Service in 1930 which soon officially became Geophysical Service Inc. (GSI)

In 1951 the company changed its name to Texas Instruments Incorporated, to reflect its main activities.

In 1954 the company produced the world’s first commercial silicon transistor, followed by the first transistor radio. With its many inventions and contributions to today’s technology, this company success stories can be found in the resources below, containing everything from the founders to today’s most recent contributions.


The History of Texas Instruments

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Mission Statement

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Divisions and Subsidiaries

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Ownership and Investors

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Reports and Financial Statements

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Business Strategies

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Revenue Strategies

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Marketing Strategies

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Products & Services

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Employee Relations

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Company Culture

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Company Complaints

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