These Resources Tell The Complete Story of Zara

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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of ZARA

The Beginning

In 1975, the first ZARA store opens. Today, with over 7,000 stores in 93 countries, a fourteen-year old’s dream turns him into one of the wealthiest men in history with a net worth of over $67 billion.

It all started in Spain in 1950. Amancio Ortega, a fourteen-year-old who got his first job as an errand boy, delivering fabrics for a local clothing retail store and eventually becoming a senior manager in 1960.

In his spare time, he would create original designs out of his sister’s house. Amancio would practice replicating, modifying, and enhancing popular designs using inexpensive materials left over from the retail store. He would also design nightgowns and lingerie, which he then sold at the very same store.

It was in 1963 that he left his management job to venture off on his own. With a modest 25 dollar investment and the help of his sister and wife, he started supplying retail stores across the city with his products.

He expanded by recruiting women across the province to sew garments for him. In the 60s, even though he didn’t have his own brand, he succeeded in expanding to service all of Spain.

Amancio wanted to call his store Zorba, in honor of his favorite movie, Zorba the Greek. He ordered the letter molds but soon discovered a nearby bar using the same name. Since he had already purchased the molds, he came up with a name close to the original: ZARA.

In 1985 he expanded internationally. He created a holding company for his stores, named Industria de Diseño Textil, Inditex for short.

Successful Strategies

ZARA has limited its selection of designs. Designs are created quickly and consistently. For example, instead of creating a new design for each season and selling it until the next, they create a design, manufacture the clothing,  and sell the inventory, then create a new one once it’s sold.

With this fear-of-missing-out strategy, people keep coming back to the store. Since designs are limited in time and units there is always something new at ZARA.

I think this is a great strategy that significantly influences the success of their marketing. People are driven by emotion, they always want the latest and greatest, especially in our throw-away society.

When ZARA can offer new designs for people almost every time they drop by, then they have a winning recipe.


Have a look at the resources included in this post that will give you the complete story of this clothing retailer, from its humble beginning to becoming an international retailer with thousands of stores in multiple countries and billions in revenue.

The History of ZARA

A company’s history offers valuable lessons and it’s interesting to find out about a company’s original operations, how it has changed, and the challenges during the startup phase.

Have a look at the selection below to understand more about the history of ZARA.

Our story – inditex.com

FASHION HISTORY- ZARA – Kalyani Kala – Medium

Zara (retailer) – Wikipedia

The Fascinating Story of How Zara Got Its Name | Reader’s Digest

Zara Success Story: The story from 30 Euros to Over 6900 stores – Brand Riddle

Zara uncovered: Inside the brand that changed fashion – BBC News


Amancio Ortega – Wikipedia

Rosalía Mera – Wikipedia

Rosalia Mera

Amancio Ortega


Our Board – inditex.com

6. Senior executives | Inditex


19 things you never knew about Zara – Business Insider

30 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Zara | BOOMSbeat

Zara: 18 Facts About Your Favorite Store (Part 1)

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6 Facts You Never Knew About Zara – SHEfinds

10 Interesting Facts About Zara! | POPxo | POPxo

10 Things You Need to Know about Zara – Augustman

The Zara “Secrets” I Learned While Visiting the Brand’s HQ | Who What Wear

Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Reports – inditex.com

Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

Inditex’s Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions

Zara Investments (ZARA) Financial Summary – Investing.com

Zara on the Forbes America’s Best Employers By State List

Business Strategies

Zara’s Business Operations and Strategy: How and Why They Work | ToughNickel

Zara’s retail strategy is winning – Business Insider

Analysis Of Corporate Strategy Of Zara

ZARA ‘s Business Strategy

Revenue Strategies

How Zara sells out 450+ million items a year without wasting money on Marketing – Beeketing Blog

How Zara Makes Money

Business Model of Zara – How does Zara make money?


Zara Competitors

H&M vs. Zara vs. Uniqlo: What’s the Difference?

Top 13 H&M Competitors – Hennes & Mauritz Competitor analysis

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

The Zaras Brand Strategy Marketing Essay

Marketing Strategy of Zara – Zara Marketing Strategy

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy of Zara fashion

How Zara Makes Billions In Sales With Minimal Ad Spend – Word-of-Mouth and Referral Marketing Blog

Employee Relations

9 things Zara employees want you to know

Unpaid Zara garment workers say they still haven’t seen a cent

Working at ZARA: 1,030 Reviews | Indeed.com

Zara Employee Reviews – Niche

Unpaid Factory Workers Sewed Notes Asking for Help Into the Pockets of Zara Clothing – Second Nexus

Company Culture

Zara denies accusations of Corporate Culture Favoritism based on skin colour

Zara’s Organizational Culture and Structure – MSWPG7212 – StuDocu

Zara comes under fire for cultural appropriation

The Secrets of Zara: Customer Co-creation & Passionate Culture

Company Complaints

Zara hit with $5M lawsuit over ‘bait-and-switch’ pricing | Retail Dive

UPDATED: Zara Slapped with $5 Million-Plus “Deceptive Pricing” Lawsuit — The Fashion Law

UPDATED: Zara Slapped with $5 Million-Plus “Deceptive Pricing” Lawsuit — The Fashion Law

Zara Accused of Violating California Overtime Laws | Top Class Actions

Lawsuit Alleges Zara Deceived Customers, Charged More than Prices Listed in Euros – ABC News

Inside The Success of ZARA

Zara’s Secret To Success: The New Science Of Retailing

The Secret of Zara’s Success: A Culture of Customer Co-creation | Martin Roll

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The Fashion Enterprise | Fashion Business Magazine, Trending News, Articles & Events

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The 5 ingredients of Zara’s success


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