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  • Ads Are Not For Sale At A Touch of
    I’m not using this business model


  • Guest Posts Are Not Accepted
    I either write or co-write all the content.


  • Not Accepting or Reviewing  Ads or Affiliate Business Opportunities
    I’m not using these business models


  • Not Reviewing Sites For Inclusion for posts on A Touch of
    This is very time consuming and I don’t have to check out each resource sent to me and then looking for the best match.


  • I Want To Save You Time Not waste It!
    I feel bad not replying to emails but, I will not reply to any of the emails concerning any of the above.


   Email Address: – Remember No link requests – No Guest Posts. Thanks


Mailing Address:

Acey Gaspard
4 Coronation Ave.
Leamington, Ontario
Canada, N8H 2L1