How To Bring Old Posts Back To Life

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Keeping a Fresh Blog: What to Do with Your Old Blog Posts? – Welcome to the Official DreamHost Blog

In this article, I’ll talk about proper blog maintenance, which is important for any online business with a blog. I’ll cover why this is so important and how to go about it. Let’s get started!

It’s easy to forget about a blog post you wrote last year or even several years ago. It was a great post at the time but now, it’s had its day.

Why bother focusing on it again? Poorly maintained content may actually be costing you revenue or worse. Here are some important reasons why…More at

What to Do with Your Old Blog Posts – Moz

Around 2005 or so, corporate blogs became the thing to do.

Big players in the business world touted that such platforms could “drive swarms of traffic to your main website, generate more product sales” and even “create an additional stream of advertising income” (Entrepreneur Magazine circa 2006).

With promises like that, what marketer or exec wouldn’t jump on the blog bandwagon?…More at

What Do I Do With Old Blog Posts? – Vivid Image, Inc.

If you are wondering what you should be doing with old blog posts, you are not alone. This is a frequently asked question, and one that deserves careful direction.

What you do with old blog posts is more important than you think, and you have a few options available.

NO blog post should be deleted without first consulting your project manager for help with correct re-routing of the page…More at

What Should You Do With Old Blog Posts?

The same applies for running our blogs. Whatever we write and whatever content we share gets out dated sooner or later.

Maybe last year’s trends or practices have already been tossed out the window, yet they are still taking up space on your blog…More at

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Should you delete your old blog posts? It’s a common question from both novice bloggers and long-time writers.

An old blog post could be an item published years ago, or maybe your blog changed and now the previous posts seem irrelevant to the new site.

Should you clean out these old blog posts or does deleting blog posts hurt SEO?…More at