How To Create a Quiz to Attract New Visitors to Your Blog

February 28, 2019 758 views

Using a Quiz to Attract New Blog Visitors

A quiz on your website is an excellent way to engage visitors on your website. For your quiz to be useful, you must make it interesting for your visitors. If your site is about automotive repair, it will not make sense to create a quiz about dating, would it?

The reason someone might take an online quiz is for entertainment or to test their knowledge. You’ll want your quiz to be easy to access and easy to use.

I have taken a few quizzes only to get halfway through because it seemed like it would never end. Other times I finished after about ten minutes only to tell me to give my email address to see the results, which was a waste of time for me. If you are going to ask for an email, let your visitors know before they take the quiz.

Multiple choice quizzes are popular and straightforward and don’t take a long time to complete. It’s always a good idea to share the statistics about the results from all your users without showing any personal information.

Below are ten tips to keep in mind when creating a quiz for your website.

10 Tips For Creating Quizzes

1. Make each question easy to read and understand.
2. Keep your questions short and to the point.
3. Make your quiz original.
4. Make your quiz interesting.
5. Research the quiz topic for accuracy.
6. Make your quiz relevant to your content.
7. Share statistics for what people scored on the quiz.
8. Allow people to share their results and invite others to take the quiz.
9. Make your quiz visually appealing.
10. Don’t make users jump through hoops to take the quiz.


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