Tips for Starting a Video Blog and Creating Video Posts

February 14, 2019 1109 views

A Collection of Articles Related to Video Blogging

I have included a selection of hand-picked articles and resources for this post related to video blogging, but first, a few brief points to consider.

Blogging became popular near the turn of the century. A popular way of blogging is video blogging (Vblog), where you create videos as your blog post. In the past, it was popular to create a Video Blog, but these days it has shifted to creating a channel on YouTube where you can post your videos and interact with your audience.

Whether you’re using YouTube, or your blog to deliver your content, here are a few tips for successful video blogging:

  • Set a theme for your video blog.
  • Add content consistently.
  • Allow comments.
  • Get feedback from visitors.
  • Use professional editing software.
  • Ensure the audio levels are correct.
  • Keep the sound levels of your intro, and the video content in sync.
  • Promote your videos. You can have the best material in the world, but if nobody sees it, you’re wasting your time and effort.
  • More in the resources to follow.


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