Use This List of Resources To Find Your Best Content Using Analytics

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A Collection of Web Pages About Finding Popular Content with Google Analytics

How To Find Your Most Popular Content with Google Analytics

There are many reasons that you would want to do this (check out these 10 reasons Jackie recently posted) but do you know how to do this.

Today I want to focus on how to do this using Google Analytics and hopefully, this is just in time for you to write your own best of the year post. Let’s start by defining what it…More at

How To Find Your Most Popular Content Using Google Analytics

Marketing Why would you even want to find your most popular content on Google Analytics?

The top two reasons on our list are to find out what content your audience finds most useful, and to generate more content like ‘our top 10 posts of the year’…More at

Analytics Report: 4 Steps to Find Your Most Important Pages

We call this “engagement,” and by focusing our efforts more towards this metric (than other metrics like “traffic” or “social shares,” etc)

we could take our businesses in much stronger, sustainable and profitable-over-the-long-haul directions…More at

How to Find Your Most Popular Blog Post in Google Analytics

Want to see which one of your blog posts is the most popular? This blog post is for you! Confession: I am a numbers junkie, which is why I absolutely love Google Analytics.

If you haven’t installed Google analytics yet, head over here and check out this blog post.

Ok, now that you’ve got Google Analytics installed, I want to show you how to find out which of your blog posts is the most popular…More at

How to Find Your Popular Posts On Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools available to all bloggers. Unlike a lot of tools, it’s not limited by blogging platform so you’re able to utilize it on Blogger, WordPress or Squarespace.

It’s been shown to be a lot more accurate than built-in analytics tools that are standard to Blogger or WordPress which is great news because it helps get a truly accurate look at your viewers…More at