Here’s How To Write A Press Release That Gets Attention

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Press Releases and Their Purpose

A press release is a written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance or other happening. It’s typically tied to a business or organization and is provided to media through a variety of means…More at

What is a Press Release?

Follow us Facebook YouTube Twitter Pinterest A press release is a short, compelling news story written by a public relations professional and sent to targeted members of the media. The goal of a press release is to pique the interest of a journalist or publication.

The press release should contain all the essential information (who? what? where? when? how? and most importantly why?)…More at

How To Write A Press Release

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples

A press release is the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity. If well written, a press release can result in multiple published articles about your firm and its products. And that can mean new prospects contacting you asking you to sell to them.

Talk about low-hanging fruit! What’s more, press releases are cost effective. If the release results in an article that (for instance) appears to recommend your firm or your product, that art…More at

How to Write a Press Release [Free 2017 Press Release Template + Example]

When it comes to content, sometimes old school can be a good thing (namely, when it comes to old school rap or Throwback Thursday on Instagram).

But when it comes to your company’s public relations strategy, being old school isn’t advantageous for your business or your brand…More at

The 3 Best Ways to Write a Press Release

Start a press release with an attention-grabbing headline in bold font. Begin the body copy with the date and city that the release is from.

Your lead sentence should be a concise summary of the subject of the release…More at

Learn How to Write a Press Release

Following is a sample press release. This sample shows both physical set up (notice the dateline, headline and other tips) and ideas for content and content placement.

In addition to following this outline and structure, consider checking out some actual press releases for ideas, too…More at

8 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces.

As CEO of the tech PR firm Cutler Group, it’s my job to help take the business dealings of innovative tech startups and turn them into press coverage…More at

22 Press Release Samples – [Press Release Format]

eReleases has amazing customer service and support. There has been last minute questions or concerns and their team responded immediately with resolution. This is the best PR platform I have used.

Love Ereleases, they have done so incredibly well for us! Very user-friendly. I would suggest an option to have quicker turnaround times for the writing help – you could charge extra…More at

How to write an effective press release

If you’re looking to get media coverage for your small business, being able to write an effective press release is an essential skill. But how long should a press release be?

And what kind of information should you include? Here are a few tips to help you get started…More at

A complete guide to writing an effective press release

Before you write and issue a press release, ask “Is there news value in this story?

And, “Does it warrant a release?” Too often organizations feel obliged to write press releases using material that is not newsworthy…More at