Here’s How To Write A Press Release That Gets Attention

January 25, 2018 140 views

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A Collection of Web Pages Related To Writing A Press Release

Going through this post you can expect a collection of web pages I have selected related to Writing A Press Release

Before getting to the resource collection here are a few brief points I’d like to mention.

A press release can be a great way to get press exposure. One very important issue to consider when creating a press release is the content your writing the press release about must be newsworthy. A reporter will ignore blatant advertisement types of press releases.

Consider a reporter looking at your release, is it something that will add value to the media?  Is your press release something a report will want to interview you for?  Your press release has to stand out to gain a reporter’s attention.

There is a format that a reporter is a custom to reviewing, also be sure to add your contact information so a report that shows interest can easily contact you for an interview. The resources below will help you create a press release that will gain attention.

Now, To The Resources:

You’ll find a selection of hand-picked, articles, and resource pages provided by a variety of authors I wanted to include in this post that will give you a solid foundation regarding writing a Press Release

This Post Includes The Following Sections:

  • Overview
  • How To Write A Press Release
  • Sample Press Release Format
  • The Latest About Press Releases

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