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There are rules and regulations for using images. You can’t just grab an image from google search and use it without permission.

Instead of using illegal images there are several options that allow you to use images from several sources legal to use for presentations, websites, marketing campaigns, post, artwork, etc.

Have a look at the web pages I have posted on in this section page that will lead you to most popular royalty-free image sites.

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Sites Offering Public Domain Images

Public domain images are free to use for anyone. The public domain allows the use of the content for any purpose free. The purpose of the public is not for profit but as a public service. People contribute to the public domain and others use the content.

Have a look at the resources to follow listing public domain images.

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Understanding Image Copyright Laws

As mentioned above you can’t use other people’s content without permission. There are copyright laws to protect people’s work.

With these laws in place it encourages people to create. If there were no laws, people may be worried about people using their work and would be discouraged with creating new work.

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All you need to know about Copyright licenses

When using other’s people work you can purchase a license to use the work legally.

For example, a photo may have a license for using it in editorial content, while there is another license for marketing.

There also may be restrictions of how many images you can distribute. Have a look at the resources I have collected related to Copyright licenses

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