Need To Protect Your Graphics? Here’s How To Copyright An Image

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How to Copyright an Image – Free Legal Resource on UpCounsel

U.S. copyright law protects all original expressions, including images such as photographs, paintings, drawings and even computer graphics.

Most people believe that you need to do something special to obtain a copyright for an image, but this is not the case…More at

11 Free Copyright Tools for Photographers and Artists – Plagiarism Today

If you’re a photographer or artist, whether a professional or a casual uploader, protecting your images from copyright infirngement is important.

Simply put, images are among the most commonly misused types of content on the Web, especially since many use Google Images as if it were a stock photo library…More at

Five Things You Can Do to Protect Your Online Images |

Serving the Photographer’s Legal Needs It’s almost a must now for photographers to post their images online.

With the advantages of a broader and more accessible market, the Internet also has the disadvantage that it’s much easier for others to steal your work…More at

How to Copyright or otherwise protect images online

There are different methods users can use to help protect and prevent other users copying, hotlinking, or otherwise using your image without your consent.

Keep in mind that none of the methods available will protect your images 100% from all users…More at

Copyright Photography, Registering Your Work | Popular Photography

U.S. copyright law and keep their work safe from infringement. ASMP past president James Cavanaugh offers some quick tips on how to register your work.

While copyright is automatic, registration of your photographs with the United States Copyright Office is necessary…More at

How do I copyright my photos?

“I’ve taken a great photo and want to sell it. Should I copyright it? How do I copyright a photo?”

How Do I Copyright A Photo? You don’t. It’s already copyrighted. You don’t need to submit a form, and you don’t have to use that “©” symbol or a watermark…More at