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Sample of an Id Package

Your corporate identity is a very important part of your business. It’s what you’re showing your clients and customers. It’s how people will identify your business and brand.

A corporate Id is created for years to come. You’ll notice that you identify many businesses and brands by their logo. They don’t change it every few months. Their identity has cost them time and money to build, therefore it rarely changes.

As you build your business, your corporate identity is what you’ll be using in your advertising campaigns, your signs, your website, business cards, and letterhead, etc. Therefore, you want to take the time needed to create a design that will work for years to come.

This page contains an abundance of resources for corporate identity packages. Dive into the resources below to get the right corporate Id package created for your business.

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What Is Included In A Corporate Identity Package

There are many components for a corporate identity package. Have a look at the resources below to ensure you have considered all components you’ll need for your business.

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Corporate Identity Package Pricing

Below are a few sites below that offer pricing for corporate identity packages have a look to get a general idea, naturally you’ll want to speak with your designer to get an accurate quote.

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Brand Identity Package Templates

This section contains templates for corporate Id packages. Have a look at the templates to get design ideas.

Beware, don’t use a template as is, you want to make sure your corporate identity package is unique and stands out for your business. You don’t want to use a package that someone else is using.

Have a look below at the Corporate ID Templates for ideas.

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Brand Identity Package Examples

This section is important because it offers samples. This will get your creativity flowing and allow you to choose the style you want for your own business.

Take the time needed to go over these examples and note the ones that appeal to you, then go over the finalist again until you choose the winner.

Once you have a winner, you have a base design example, and can meet with your designer to create a similar but unique design.

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