A Complete Introduction to Corporate Identity Packages

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Tips For Creating Your Corporate Identity

What is a Corporate Identity Package?

Your Corporate ID is your company image in the eyes of the public. It could include the look and feel of various components, including letterheads, business cards brochures, and your website.

Your corporate identity is a very important part of your business. It’s what you’re presenting to the public. It’s how people will identify your business. Think of it as you would a product brand. A corporate Idenayty package is the brand for your business.

A corporate ID should be something you create for now and in the future, and it’s is part of what you’ll use in your advertising campaigns, signage, website, business cards, letterhead, email marketing, etc.

Many companies and brands are recognized by their logo. Their identity has cost them time and money to create and promote; therefore, corporate identities rarely change.

You will want to take the time needed to make your corporate identity something that stands out and communicates your unique selling proposition, or USP.

What Is Included In a Corporate Identity Package

There are many components needed for a good corporate identity package. Below let’s go over a few of the elements that you may want to consider.


One of the most important parts of your corporate Identification is your logo. With time and promotion, your logo may be the key identifier of your business. It’s the same when you see a logo and you automatically associate the company with the logo. For more on logos see our page for tips that can help you get the right logo for your business.


Depending on your type of business, you may require one or multiple brochures. Even though your brochure may be highlighting a product or service, your brochure design should reflect your corporate ID design.


Catalogs are similar to brochures, but catalogs focus more on the products displayed rather than the design. Your catalogs can always have the headers and footers tastefully designed to show your corporate ID.

Business Cards:

Your business cards are a very important part of networking. Your business cards will match your letterheads and stationery. It would be best to include a tagline that offers a crystal clear image of what you have to offer.


Your letterhead must highlight your overall design. With a letterhead, you want a design that prints out well in color or grayscale.


As mentioned above, in the letterhead section, you want your stationery to look good in grayscale or color; even though you may want to print everything in color, it’s something to consider.


You may or may not offer flyers in your business, which are lower grade announcements compared to a catalog or brochure. They are good for sales, events, and other issues where you’ll be distributing a large amount. If your flyer doesn’t bring new customers, make sure your logo stands out, so you get brand advertising out of it. Similar to flyers are Printed advertisements, Posters, etc.

Email Templates:

It’s extremely important to create an email template for your digital communications. Your email template should take full advantage of your email’s footer area, offering your corporate design. You can also add links to your social channels if appropriate.


Your website must be a part of your corporate ID. A website is the main online presence of many companies.

If applicable, you will want to match your Facebook page and Twitter account to match your website. You’ll also want to check your website’s appearance on a desktop and mobile device, which will each use a different format.

Below are some resources that offer insights into what’s included in a corporate ID package.

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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Package Pricing

Corporate ID pricing will vary. It could be anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 and go uphill from there and reach six figures depending on the amount of work needed and the agency you choose.

You may already have a clear vision of your message and the design you want. If that’s all you need, you can get your design completed by a graphic designer, and you will fall in the lower range of the price scale. On the other hand, if you hire an agency to design your company’s brand, communications, unique selling proposition, produce all the materials, you’ll definitely be paying thousands of dollars.

Below are a few sites that offer insight and pricing for corporate identity packages.

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Corporate Identity Color Schemes

Your color scheme is another important part of your corporate ID. It would be best if you had a color scheme you like and is appropriate for your business.

Color schemes that work will draw the attention of your prospects. On the other hand, developing an inappropriate one can hurt your marketing efforts.

Have a look below at the sites I found that offer great advice on color schemes.

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Corporate Identity Package Templates

This section contains templates for corporate Id packages. Have a look at the templates to get design ideas.

Beware, don’t use a template “as is”; you want to make sure your corporate identity package is unique and stands out for your business. You don’t want to use a package that someone else is using.

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Corporate Identity Examples:

This section offers examples that can get your creativity flowing and allow you to choose the style you want for your business.

Time to grab your favorite drink and relax while you go over the examples in this section. Take note of the ones that appeal to you; once you have your top picks go through the list again to choose the winner.

When you have a winner, you have an idea of what you want and can meet with your designer to create a similar but unique design.

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