Success & Self Improvement News & Picks For December 12, 2017

Here’s Today’s Success and Self Improvement News & Picks For December 12, 2017

Success Today - December 12, 2017

Train Your Brain to Focus on Something You Find Boring

We all have a few subjects that we find boring or dull. Fortunately, it’s possible to learn to like — maybe even love — topics that make your eyes glaze over. First, you have to overcome the pain.

When we think about something we don’t like or want, it can activate a portion of the brain that’s connected to our experience of pain. This means, for example, that thinking about statistics (if you don’t like statistics) can cause you actual physical pain. As a result, your brain may diver…More at

The Internet Is Killing Your Productivity, But It Doesn’t Have To

Just 15 years ago, if you wanted to know the meaning of a word, you looked it up in the dictionary. Today, we just Google it. We no longer call a restaurant when we need to make a reservation. We go online or use an app to save ourselves a table. We don’t even have to set foot in a store anymore–we can buy whatever we need and have it shipped to us…More at

4 Steps for Dealing with Self-Doubt – RiShawn Biddle

It’s natural to feel like an imposter sometimes. But don’t dwell on your self-doubt.

Instead, the solution is to recognize your feelings as a healthy part of your professional and personal development, realize that other successful people feel the same way, understand that you already have the strengths needed, and use this fear as a tool for making even greater strides in your progression in life.

I know. Easier said than done, right? There are those times when you feel like your…More at

Leveraging Internal and External Motivation for Achievement

The end of the year is always an interesting time. In addition to all the family togetherness, delicious food, and gift exchange, one of the most prominent parts of the holiday season is setting sights on how the next year is going to be better.

In essence, it’s “goal setting season.” The harsh reality of New Year’s resolutions is that most end in failure. Last year, only about 9 percent of people actually felt they were successful in reaching their goals. So what is the secret to…More at

What Setting Small Goals Is Costing You – Michael Hyatt

Why is it so hard to hail a taxi in New York City when it’s raining? That’s when you most want a cab. It’s when available drivers can rack up fare after fare without little time wasted waiting for new business.

Yet it’s also the time when cabs are the most scarce. The problem is so bad that Uber and other ride-sharing services have invented “surge pricing” for rainy weather, and some taxi companies have followed suit. If you want to get more drivers on the road you have to pay two or…More at

Would You Like To Maximise Your Brain? Try Emptying It First

Just 15 years ago, if you wanted to know the meaning of a word, you looked it up in the dictionary. Today, we just Google it. We no longer call a restaurant when we need to make a reservation. We go online or use an app to save ourselves a table. We don’t even have to set foot in a store anymore–we can buy whatever we need and have it shipped to us…More at

The Age At Which People Are Most Depressed

Research on 2 million people around the world reveals the most depressed time of life. People are most depressed in middle age, research on two million people from 80 nations finds. In the US, the risk of depression peaks at around 40-years-old for men and around 50-years-old for women.

In the UK, the highest probability of being depressed is at age 44. The causes of mid-life depression are hard to explain, as they happen to all kinds of people. For example, it doesn’t seem to be related to…More at

The Unexpected Way To Win Any Argument

Don’t just contradict them — try a more radical approach. Extreme agreeing could be the answer to getting people to change their minds, psychological research suggests. The natural reaction when arguing with someone is to contradict them.

However, showing people a very extreme version of their own deeply held opinions can make them think again. It seems that the absurdity of extreme agreeing helps to foster a rethink. The study recruited 150 Israelis who were shown a video about the decades…More at

How Far Will You Go To Seek Perfection?

The elder son Yoshikazu follows in his father’s footsteps. He works at the Sukiyabashi Jiro alongside his father. Even though he is aged 50, he is still an apprentice due to his father’s strict training program. He is the heir to the restaurant and hopes to take charge one day.

After his father suffers a heart attack at the age of seventy, he takes over the all-important task of buying the best fish possible for the restaurant from the Tsukiji fish market; Gelb does an incredible job of showing the tense atmosphere surrounding the restaurant and the preparation of the perfect sushi…More at

How to Keep Going When Your Dream Seems Really Far Off

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.” ~Oprah Winfrey I needed a bit of extra cash last month, so I took on a temporary events role working at a local design exhibition. I’ve worked in events before, so I didn’t think much about it.

I just knew that I needed some money, I liked doing events, and a short contract had presented itself. It seemed perfect! So off I went to my first shift, feeling pretty good about myself and about life. The first event was at a…More at

4 Ways to Eliminate the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is something that all of us encounter at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, that is just the way we are programmed as humans. On the other hand there are many different ways that you can help eliminate the fear of failure today, tomorrow and beyond. It starts with one thing.

You! That might seem like an easy thing to do, but it isn’t. What I’ve done is broken down 4 of the Most important things you can do Today, that will help you eliminate the fear of failure. Here…More at

Don’t Set New Years Resolutions, Do This

We are coming up that *that* time of year. Your calendar is top heavy. Perhaps like me you’re having to endure the lights on the house next door bursting into a rendition of ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’ every time a person walks past and triggers the motion sensor, and self-development bloggers the Internet over are salivating at the thought of writing about setting New Years resolutions.

If you’re reading my blog then it’s doubtful you’re a self-development rookie. You…More at

12 Tips to Set & Achieve Your Goals in 2018 Take Your Career to the Next Level !! Whether professional, family or in a hobby – we all have goals in life that we want to achieve. This can be the chief item in the company, but also a smaller project, such as a sports program to go through.

The question with regard to short and long-term goals is of course: How do I set my goals correctly and how can I achieve them? It is important in the goal setting that you formulate as exactly as possible what you want to achieve…More at

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: A Lesson in Work Ethic

Occasionally it happens. You start a new job, only to realize it’s not what you had hoped. Perhaps the job was oversold by the employer, or it’s a new role you thought you would enjoy more. Or maybe you just weren’t in a financial position to turn down the job offer.

Regardless, what’s done is done, and you’re now having trouble finding the motivation to give it your all each day. Before you let your frustration affect your work, or decide to jump right into the next job opportunity…More at