How To Deal With Defensive People – Resources To Prepare You

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A Collection of Resources Related To Dealing With Defensive People

Dealing with defensive people can be difficult because rather than considering logic they are solely focused on defending themselves.

They need to see the problem for what it is rather than how the problem is not their fault and the need they have for you to understand that. Not an easy task. You may need to put yourself in their shoes in order to explain how you would handle the situation for them to see things from a different perspective.

You could use an imaginary person to explain how the issue affects the situation, so in their eyes, you are not attacking them but pointing out what’s wrong.

The key is not blaming the person but rather shifting the focus on the behavior. When the focus is on the behavior rather than the person you will have more leverage.

Rather than setting your focus on the person, you need to shift the focus towards the problem. For example, instead of focusing on your spouse is an alcoholic, focus on the effect of drinking and how it affects people’s behavior, their loved ones, their health, and their future.

This is just one quick tip and example. Have a look below for a unique collection of resources I have included in this post that can help you deal with defensive people, organized in sections for your convenience.


How To Deal With Defensive People

By taking the time and going through each of the articles below you’ll have a strong background in dealing with an understanding of defensive people.

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