Getting Honest Employee Feedback – Here Are Simple Was of Doing It

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How Everyone Benefits From Employee Feedback

Employee feedback can help you become a more effective manager. This article will focus on the many ways you can benefit from your team’s feedback.

Whenever you’re receiving feedback, keep in mind you’ll want to look for opportunities and insights as to what people are experiencing in their job.

Uncovering Issues

When you ask for employee feedback, you may uncover issues that you were not aware of. This is one of the main goals of getting feedback.

For example, one of your employees may be doing something that’s taking a long time. Now that you’re aware of the issue, you have the opportunity to consider the process and make changes to get better results.

Why Managers May Not Want to Get Feedback

A: Fear

Some managers may not want to hear feedback from their employees because they’re afraid of what they’re going to hear. They may also think, “If I’m aware of complaints, I have to do something about it.”

B: Show Who Is in Charge

A manager may think, “I need to show employees who is in charge,” and take the approach where no feedback is taken from employees, and the business is run by the manager alone.

C: Unaware of the Benefits

A manager may simply not be aware of all the benefits that come with getting employee feedback.

The Benefits of Getting Feedback from Your Employees

  1. Learning from a Lower Level

As a boss, you may not be aware of all fine details of each job. Through feedback, you may uncover techniques that you were unaware of. You may also find a better way of doing things.

  1. Strengthen Work Relationships

When you involve your employees in your process, you are showing that you value their opinion. A team that works well together creates a stronger working relationship. By asking for feedback, you are involving your team, which most employees appreciate.

  1. A Feel for Job Satisfaction

By allowing your employees to give feedback, you have the opportunity to identify how satisfied your employees are with their job.

If the majority of feedback is negative across the board, then you have some issues to examine. It could be your process, the actual job, the treatment of your employees, the compensation they are receiving, etc.

If the majority of feedback is positive, then focus on what you are doing right. Plus, you could mirror those processes to other departments if applicable.

  1. Stronger Ideas Due to Brain Storming

Think of receiving feedback as a brainstorming session. Ask for more information. Ask for ideas on improving the processes that are currently in place. Getting ideas from your team is great way to keep ideas and improvements flowing.

  1. Being a Good Boss

A good boss always listens to their team with genuine concern. You may not always have the time to listen, which is why it’s a good idea to set a certain amount of time to speak with your team members on a regular basis.

This practice can improve morale and build motivation in the workplace.

  1. Improve Your Management Skills

The more you know about how your employees are dealing with their job, the better it is for you as a manager.

It’s up to you to determine what needs to be done.

It doesn’t mean you have to do anything, but you have the opportunity to make things better and create a win-win situation — so you may want to listen to what your employees have to say

  1. Identifying Week Points in Your Operation

Getting feedback from your team makes the job of identifying weak points in your process a lot easier.

When a number of employees have the same concerns, it gives you the opportunity to dig deeper and figure out if you need to make changes and improvements.

  1. Identifying Talent

When you are surveying your whole team, you’ll notice the employees that may have great ideas, show leadership skills, and are more knowledgeable than the others.

When you can identify the talented members of your team, it will be easy to fill a position if an opportunity shows up, or you can use the talented people for tasks that will better the team.

I’m a firm believer of putting the right person in the right position.

  1. Defusing Issues Before They Happen

Feedback allows you to identify a growing a problem and tackle it before it becomes worse. Dealing with the problem before it escalates is a great way to manage your team and stay on top of the issues in your workplace.

  1. Embrace Change

Often when you get feedback, you will need to make changes. Acting on change improves your management skills.

Change is always occurring in today’s workplace. Managers that can adapt to change effectively have an advantage over those managers who can’t deal very well with change.