A Collection of Management Ideas to Improve Productivity

January 30, 2020 437 views

Tips and Insights Related to Improving Productivity

In this post, you’ll find a collection of handpicked resources that deal with productivity. Before you get to the resources, I want to go over one brief idea in the introduction — It is very important before you look for ways to improve productivity.


An example to consider. You have a new vice president, and their task is to reduce costs and improve productivity. The new VP comes in, and he’s got a whip and ready to go. He asks you to increase productivity by 10 percent without increasing costs so that the company can get back on target. He has put in new metrics for tracking so that those managing know the numbers and will know if they are on target or not.

Okay, now what? How do you increase productivity and cut costs while having people trying to figure the metrics while they are working? Did we just get a recipe to reduce productivity? It’s easy to say we are under target by 10 percent and increase productivity by 10 percent, but that’s easier said than done.

To identify problem areas, you have to understand the process step by step. Even if you are a seasoned manager, you may want to monitor the entire process from start to finish, acting as if you were a new employee eager to learn. As you are going through each step, you’ll be able to identify weak points and better ways of doing things.

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