Improving Communication In The Workplace Using These Tips

October 30, 2019 574 views

A Collection of Resources Related To Improving Communication In The Workplace

This post contains a variety of resources selected from some of the top sites that offer tips and insights related to workplace communication. Before you get to the resource section here’s a brief introduction:

Communication in any workplace is very important. Without communication how will the workplace operate?

Here’s an example:

Imagine a manufacturing plant with poor communication. Sales orders come in and the information isn’t passed on to the planning and production departments.

People in the production area are getting paid while they are standing around with nothing to do. The shift manager calls for an early shift and sends people home.

On the other hand, trucks are waiting to get the product loaded so they can ship the order to the customer. The customer is waiting for the product, they have a sale advertised because they ordered large quantities for a discounted price and plan to pass on these savings to their loyal customers.

All of this mess is because one communication was missed. Now you have customers, employees, drivers, supervisors, plant managers, and company owners all angry, disappointed, and upset.

If you look back at most of the mistakes made in your organization, you will find that many of them are because of miscommunication. Many mistakes occur because people have received inaccurate information or no information. If you don’t have the right information, you can guarantee mistakes will be made.

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